They're growing up

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jordan brought his first book home form preschool. He's a smart little guy and a charmer too. We think he'll be our businessman--constantly negotiating with us to earn candy, money or various priviledges.
Hyrum was barely old enough to start preschool this year. If he's not ready of the academics he does love the songs, activities and show-and-tell. Mom loves having 2 hours a week to herself and 2 hours to volunteer in the big kids school.
Tyran was a big help to Dad in building our shed. He is a hard worker and always does his homework right away. He's singing songs a lot around the house to get ready for his Thanksgiving play at school.
Tanner thinks school is so long. Before school he swims or runs with Dad. After school he plays as late as possible. One day he used this bucket to gather all these leaves.
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