Summer fun

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ryan played on an intramural frisbee team. We had fun watching him. Ty is getting pretty good at throwing the frisbee too.

Ryan rigged up this waterslide for the kids. We spent many hours in our pool.

Uncle Chris gave Granma and Granpa tickets for a demolition derby that they took the older boys to. Pretty cool.
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These pictures are awesome! It's been a while since we saw pictures of Ty - he's getting really tall! We miss you guys a lot. Can't wait to see you for Christmas!

Posted November 1, 2009 at 4:24 PM by Blogger Sarah

Hey, Heatons! 'Just wanted to leave a mark here so you know I've visited your blog. DALE WAS HERE! Great pics. 'Hope the boys enjoyed the demolition derby.

Posted December 2, 2009 at 6:56 PM by Blogger dwrichy

4th of July

We rose bright and early to see the balloons. It really is an inspiring sight.
Would YOU trust someone with that look with your fireworks?!
This is a good representation of how Jordan felt about fireworks.
Did you catch my yawn? Holidays ARE so fun but can get tiring.
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Grandpa's boat

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Payson Lakes

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Bear Lake

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I had a goal to hike every Monday this summer but then I lost my hike book so it only happened a few times. This was when Ty and I hiked the Y. Man--that really is a steep hike. He was amazed that the BYU administration building really did look like an X from up high.

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San Francisco

The use of space is incredible. I could touch the TV, bed and bathroom of our hotel room standing in one spot.
Okay--as beautiful as the city was the highlight had to be the food. This is the clam chowder in the European style sourdough bread bowl (why can't we make this kind of bread in Utah?). The Monte Cristo we had for breakfast at Mammas (is that the name Jenna?) was unforgettable. And I could go on . . . thanks so much Jenna for a great time!
The gardens were so beautiful. This was the Japanese tea garden.

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Oh the Monte Cristo....mmm..... And you wonder why I gained 10 lbs when we moved here.

Posted November 2, 2009 at 5:55 PM by Blogger Jenna and Steve

Older news: San Francisco

Several months ago Ryan and I spent a couple days in San Francisco with Jenna. This is her cute litlte apartment.

It was realyl fun to just drive around and see how much character was put into the city and beautiful homes. We had to get a picture of the random robot on the building for our boys to see.

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Fall is here

We hung my hammock! I have to be really sneaky to get it to myself--the kids love it as much as I do.
Hot chocolate, rasberry tea and soup season.
Pretty leaves and handsome husband.
Making our "boo" treats. Jordan did most of the work. He's really into treats lately--borderline obsessed. I'm hoping it's a phase.
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We love being so close to family and have been able to see Katie and Tucker almost every week. We truly love them and their kids. We truly miss Juliet, Rob and their boys.
While staying at Snowbird we took a trip to the zoo. Look at sweet little Gracie Tanner is holding. She just turned 1.
The boys are trying to make scary faces with this Gardner Village witch.
Grandma's making those great steaks for Sunday dinner.
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Gormiti World

Tanner has spent hours with friends and brothers building a Gormiti world in the sandbox. It has a a place for every tribe: volcano, earth, air, forest, and sea. Gormiti are little monster toys all the neighborhood boys started collecting and comparing. Tanner says they're "really, really, really STRONG.:
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