A Low Profile

Posted by Ryan on Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fourteen years ago today, Tamie and I "officially" started dating.

Wow. Fourteen years. I couldn't let this day pass without expressing how grateful I am for my beautiful wife.

You're probably familiar with Joseph Brickey. It's very likely you've seen his art. Well his sister, Mary, make this sketch for Tamie for her birthday last month.

This sketch holds a lot of meaning for me. Not only because I think it really captures Tamie's beauty and nobility and sincerity and love, but also for another reason. It's obvious that the person who drew this sketch has incredible talent. The talk in her family is that she has as much artistic talent as her brother Joe. And yet she has put it aside to raise a beautiful family of two boys and four girls.

As we get older, Tamie and I hear about old friends and classmates and other acquaintances who are "making it big" in life, holding high-power positions or making a lot of money or working with high-profile people. It's tough to not compare our own low-profile, middle-class life with theirs.

And those of you who know Tamie could probably attest with me that she really could have made it big. She's a fantastic communicator and a master at politics and business. And yet she, too, has put aside these ambitions and sacrificed for the sake of her family. Instead of pursuing a high-power career she has decided to stay home and look for lost socks and help with first-grade spelling.

I'm so grateful she did. Our life is so sweet. It has been so ever since that day, fourteen years ago today.

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My husband sent me this article today. It reminded me of your post.


Posted September 18, 2009 at 7:33 PM by Blogger Edna

What a sweet post and a beautiful sketch. I remember when you two officially started "dating"! Wow, how time flies! Fun to see your blog and pictures...you're boys are getting so big!

Posted September 26, 2009 at 9:30 PM by Blogger Megan