Guess which Ride

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, June 7, 2009

Okay--this one's obvious. What can I say. It's a long tedious line but for some reson kids just love Dumbo.

Hmmm . . . they're really wet. Splash Mountain of course. Hyrum was BARELY 40 inches. Over and over we had to measure him and make him stand up as straight as possible. He loved the big rides as much as anyone.

Ty and Tanner's favorite by far was Big Thunder mountain. Granpa and I made practically made ourselves sick one night going over and over again with them until the park closed. What a COOl Grandpa by the way. He was all about making sure everone was having fun--running off to get fast passes or offering to take kids on rides, throwing kids in the pool over and over again. Not to mention paying for the trip. We love you Grandpa.

Star Tours. I think Tanner seriously believed the story they tell that we got off course and were flying into a real battle. There's such a fine line between fantasy and reality at Disney World--sometimes it's magical and other times it's traumatic.
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