Florida house

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, June 7, 2009

The house the Heaton's got in Florida was incredible. Between the game room and the private pool (which I can't believe I have no pictures of)--our kids were constantly happy at home when we breaked from visiting the parks.

Karynn did some incredible food planning that kept everyone well fed. She made steak and potatoes Sunday, Ryan and I did a lame bar-b-q Monday, Cami made some yummy chicken & rice Tuesday and Jenna did enchilada's Wednesday. We ate up leftovers Thursday then they treated us to the Rainforest cafe Friday. Matt and Cami bought Ghiradelli brownies and cookies for everyone that night. What's a vacation without awesome food? Thanks everyone!

I loved having family prayer together as an extended family every day--I especially felt the power in united our faith on behalf of Chris, Sarah and the twins. I feel so blessed to be a Heaton.
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