Duncombe wedding

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cousin Rob and beautiful Blythe were married in the Timpenogus temple one week after Robert. I have no pictures of them. I'm so bummed. But here are some of the guests at least. It was great to see the Duncombe side.

Katie and Tucker. You guys are so cute.

Aunt Linda, Marcy and Carrie--great women.

And they're back from the honeymoon. You guys look great.

Grandma Joy with her Granddaughters--she's left us a great legacy.
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Hey Tamie! You're looking great in all these pictures. Ty is looking so grown-up, almost business-like. I miss your kids SO much! Let's do a Mario-Kart race sometime this week.

-Chris and Sarah

Posted June 10, 2009 at 8:01 AM by Blogger Sarah

Hey Tammie!
I just took a sec to catch up with you. I wish it were in real life! You look so great and your fam is so cute. Hope all is well.

Posted July 14, 2009 at 10:40 PM by Blogger Kim

Hey Tamie! How's it going! I still religiously check this blog. . . and am still anxiously waiting for the next post.

Posted August 31, 2009 at 2:42 PM by Blogger Chris


Fun times with cousins

Uncle Rob and cousin Kyler

Kayden, Cameron, Hyrum, Tanner and Jordan.

Marcy and Carrie with Juliet and I. Great to see you guys! It was all girl cousins last generation.

And now we've multiplied with boys everywhere. One of those boys didn't even belong--I think he was a neighbor.
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This is Tucker trying to be cool like Ryan and have Gracie stand on his hand. Man--she's cute.

Katie made a matching skirt for her and Gracie. She's turning into one of those people who sew stuff then say "it was easy." I'm so impressed! I wish I had a picture of Katie and her skirt for you. If you can look past my darling little niece you'll see Robert and Sarah's beautiful wedding cake.

Tanner's anticipating the release of the butteflies from their cage.

The kids were itching to blow bubbles but never got the chance. Sarah and Robert just lingered longer and longer until we had to leave for a very late bed time. Come on guys! I asked Sarah about it later and she said she made it up to him. wink, wink.
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Sarah and Robert let out butterflies during the reception. It was very charming and the kids especially loved it.

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Robert and Sarah's wedding

Robert and Sarah were married last month in the Provo temple (go Provo!) We are so happy for them.

Their colors were purple and green. I pulled together some pretty awesome purple outfits for our cute family. The reception was at a nursery. It was so pretty to be surrounded by so many flowers.

It's always fun to see Juliet and Rob. They are just so much fun. We went swimming to the Lehi pool and she brought out these dollar store water squirters that kept them occupied for over an hour then for days to come. Love you guys!

I actually really really really love this guy. Congratulations Robert!

This picture just makes me laugh. Not becuase of the "silly faces" but because they're the most serious silly faces I've ever seen. My kids are just casually pulling their lips out like someone told them to do. Loosen up guys!
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Disneyworld conclusion

Florida was beautiful. My favorite park was the animal kingdom because it's completely unique to Florida and it was so full of life. Not only do you see real animals but the plants were incredible too. Vines grew up poles and bloomed beautiful flowers. Gardenias smelled incredible while standing in line. Huge plants and trees just breathed life into the whole park. The rides used so many details to make you really feel like you were in other countries. I loved it! I love how the workers waved goodbye at the parks. Disney really knows how to create magic. Even as I write this Ty has been saying "oh, I miss Florida. I want to go back."

Most of all we just had a blast being with the Heatons. Thank you Heatons for being so generous, so fun and so cool.
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What a fun time!! I love Disneyland(or World!) It looks like you guys just had a blast. Someday we need to go on a vacation with you guys.

Posted July 6, 2009 at 3:01 PM by Blogger mikeynannie

Less ideal moments

So--everyone wasn't thrilled all the time. Here are some burn out pictures just to make those who may be feeling jealous just a little better.

A four hour plane ride home. We had burnt the kids out at an AWESOME water park that morning (can't believe I don' t have any pictures of that either). The audio wasn't working on our seats, the laptop wasn't loud enough, the food ran out after and hour and a half . . . glad that's over.
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Tom Sewyer's island.

Ty turned some heads with his hulla-hooping skills on mainstreet.

At the beginning of Big Thunder Mountain there's a room with screetching bats. Tanner alwasys started with his hands over his ears until we passed the room.
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Toy Story Ride

The line for this new ride was awesome with tons of big toys the little guys loved crawling on. And again--it was nice and cool. The ride was really fun too. They give you 3D glasses then you ride around and shoot targets to earn points. SWEET! I think Matt got the high score.

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Lines and Breaks

He looked a little less happy and a little more shocked after the Everest ride at Animal Kingdom. It's the only one he didn't want to do again. Yet--he still talks about he Yeti monster. It made quite the impression.

Gotta love those ice cream breaks. It was really hot there.

They each chose a stuffed animal at animal kingdom Hyrum still carries his turtle around.

The tiki tiki room line. Why that particular attraction? The line was shady and it was the middle of the day.
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I can't believe how big your boys are getting! And you guys look great. It looks like you had a great vacation. Miss you guys!

Posted July 28, 2009 at 3:08 PM by Blogger Emily & Dylan

Guess which Ride

Okay--this one's obvious. What can I say. It's a long tedious line but for some reson kids just love Dumbo.

Hmmm . . . they're really wet. Splash Mountain of course. Hyrum was BARELY 40 inches. Over and over we had to measure him and make him stand up as straight as possible. He loved the big rides as much as anyone.

Ty and Tanner's favorite by far was Big Thunder mountain. Granpa and I made practically made ourselves sick one night going over and over again with them until the park closed. What a COOl Grandpa by the way. He was all about making sure everone was having fun--running off to get fast passes or offering to take kids on rides, throwing kids in the pool over and over again. Not to mention paying for the trip. We love you Grandpa.

Star Tours. I think Tanner seriously believed the story they tell that we got off course and were flying into a real battle. There's such a fine line between fantasy and reality at Disney World--sometimes it's magical and other times it's traumatic.
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