Our Indian campsight

Posted by Tamie on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The official campsight was full so we took off to find our own spot on BLM land. No bathroom is really only inconvenient for Mom--the boys love it. This spot was tucked away off the road and after we decided to camp here we looked up at the rock and saw real Indian Petroglyphs (top right). It was like we discovered them ourselves--so cool!

Ryan almost climbed up to the petroglyphs but couldn't quite make it. This is a view of our campight from where he made it to.

Another completely unmarked "discovery." we drove up the canyon a bit in the morning and saw these old miners houses (we think). It's really fun to be in such an untouched land where there are no restrictions.

The boys are just hanging out at the campsight. I wish we had a better view of the petroglyphs. Ty got a hulla hoop from the Heatons for Easter and has made it to 107 times so far (yes--I get to count EVERY time for him). The warm weather was really nice. It did get pretty cold at night though--the extremes of the desert.
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