Little Wildhorse canyon

Posted by Tamie on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love this picture--an actual visual of the precious weight Ryan carries in being a great example for our boys. This is at little wildhorse canyon. It's a slot canyon where water has molded the sandstone into narrows you can walk through. It seriously looks like God himself just held the mountain in his hands swirling designs with his fingers and poking holes with his thumb. Really cool!

We're being bats of course. Well-all of us but Jordan who was beginning to have a little attitude due to fatigue.

It was fun to try to find holes that conencted so you could put a rock through one and have it come out another. They also enjoyed finding flat pieces of sandstone they could bring with them to "draw" their own pictographs on with another sharp rock. Talk about high adventure!

It's SO much effort to camp that we were wondering if we had it in us but we ended up making some great memories and being really glad we went.
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