Goblin Valley

Posted by Tamie on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We spent our first night of Spring break in Goblin Valley. Imagine a huge valley full of these little rock formations with crevices and little pathways. Plenty of climbing and jumping--boy heaven.

We liked it too!

Jordan's actually hugging Hyrum--not choking him. You never can tell.

You just HAVE to play some sort of hiding game here. We chose Sardines but made sure that whoever was hiding had a buddy and a whistle. After a few minutes they had to blow the whisle so we knew where to look. Well--the last ones to hide were Tanner and Jordan and Jordan lost the whistle. We started to worry when we couldn't find them or hear the whistle. They didn't answer us. Ryan enlisted a youth group to search with us and right after Hyrum, Tyran and I said a prayer we heard "we found them!" They were totally fine and just really stoked that they had found such a great spot. When asked if they heard us calling they said "we thought we were still playing the game." You can just see them congratulating themselves while we went crazy.
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