A tree philosophy

Posted by Tamie on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We found this tree at Little Wildhorse. I couldn't help but admire it. It actually was dropping roots to support itself in a climate where it's extremely difficult to grow. It has been pushed by water and wind constantly. All the trees have these beautiful deep lines as if they have struggled to survive their whole lives. I started thinking about the Hawaiin trees and how they are so majestic and huge. Their roots are exposed perhaps because they don't have to dig in too deep to flourish. It's a completely different kind of beauty.

So Ryan and I started philosophizing even more. We wonder if you can tell a lot about a culture by it's trees. We thought about our little Cherry Village. The trees are well pruned but not highly manicured. They're well taken care of but allowed to grow freely--kind of how we hope to raise our kids. In West Jordan the trees were new, young and transplanted--just like many of us who lived there. What are your trees like? Does our philosphy hold up or not?
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goblin valley is so much fun, especially for active kids and families. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun

Posted April 14, 2009 at 6:49 PM by Blogger Kelly Fam

It's great to catch up with what your family has been up to. Your boys are getting so big! We miss you guys!

Posted April 20, 2009 at 9:54 AM by Blogger Rob, Em & Dylan

the pictures are amazing! What a fun family trip. You guys have such a cute family. See you later!

Posted April 26, 2009 at 6:03 PM by Blogger Megan

Little Wildhorse canyon

I love this picture--an actual visual of the precious weight Ryan carries in being a great example for our boys. This is at little wildhorse canyon. It's a slot canyon where water has molded the sandstone into narrows you can walk through. It seriously looks like God himself just held the mountain in his hands swirling designs with his fingers and poking holes with his thumb. Really cool!

We're being bats of course. Well-all of us but Jordan who was beginning to have a little attitude due to fatigue.

It was fun to try to find holes that conencted so you could put a rock through one and have it come out another. They also enjoyed finding flat pieces of sandstone they could bring with them to "draw" their own pictographs on with another sharp rock. Talk about high adventure!

It's SO much effort to camp that we were wondering if we had it in us but we ended up making some great memories and being really glad we went.
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Our Indian campsight

The official campsight was full so we took off to find our own spot on BLM land. No bathroom is really only inconvenient for Mom--the boys love it. This spot was tucked away off the road and after we decided to camp here we looked up at the rock and saw real Indian Petroglyphs (top right). It was like we discovered them ourselves--so cool!

Ryan almost climbed up to the petroglyphs but couldn't quite make it. This is a view of our campight from where he made it to.

Another completely unmarked "discovery." we drove up the canyon a bit in the morning and saw these old miners houses (we think). It's really fun to be in such an untouched land where there are no restrictions.

The boys are just hanging out at the campsight. I wish we had a better view of the petroglyphs. Ty got a hulla hoop from the Heatons for Easter and has made it to 107 times so far (yes--I get to count EVERY time for him). The warm weather was really nice. It did get pretty cold at night though--the extremes of the desert.
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Goblin Valley

We spent our first night of Spring break in Goblin Valley. Imagine a huge valley full of these little rock formations with crevices and little pathways. Plenty of climbing and jumping--boy heaven.

We liked it too!

Jordan's actually hugging Hyrum--not choking him. You never can tell.

You just HAVE to play some sort of hiding game here. We chose Sardines but made sure that whoever was hiding had a buddy and a whistle. After a few minutes they had to blow the whisle so we knew where to look. Well--the last ones to hide were Tanner and Jordan and Jordan lost the whistle. We started to worry when we couldn't find them or hear the whistle. They didn't answer us. Ryan enlisted a youth group to search with us and right after Hyrum, Tyran and I said a prayer we heard "we found them!" They were totally fine and just really stoked that they had found such a great spot. When asked if they heard us calling they said "we thought we were still playing the game." You can just see them congratulating themselves while we went crazy.
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Posted by Tamie on Sunday, April 12, 2009

Karynn stood in line for 6 hours getting us tickets for Wicked for Ryan's birthday. She also watched our kids, ordered pizza and did ALL our laundry staying up until almost midnight so we could go. That kind of gift will never be forgotten.

Wicked just blew us away. We were really close to the actors and you could see how they really became the characters--tears in the eyes and everything. The music, the messages, the genius and effort put into it was just incredible. We seriously sat stunned both times the curtain came down. These kinds of experiences remind you of how valuable, rich and fun life is. Hurray for the arts!

And hurray for artists who really make themselves vulnerable to share part of their souls with us--we felt that at Shawna Edwards Senior recital a couple of weeks ago. It's like she just bore her soul--you couldn't help but be moved. On our way home from Wicked Ryan mentioned how much he loves living at a time in history where there is so much brilliance. I agree.
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Katie and I were just talking today about how great you are for coming up with fun ways to teach your children. I love this about you and Ryan!

And on a different note: I'm so glad you loved Wicked!! I LOVE it too. I'm not ashamed to say I saw it 7 times in a year here in LA :) In my defense, I only paid to see it 4 times. I only once sat up close enough to see the actors. But isn't it amazing? My children know the words to almost all the songs and Spencer even went and saw it with me once. Yep, we love it here! Glad you got to go!!

Posted April 12, 2009 at 11:01 PM by Blogger Marcy

I love all the new posts. The boys are growing up, especially Hyrum and Jordan. Your Easter ideas are brillant. Ryan's face is classic. You guys will be blessed! Blessed I tell you.

What a fun night for you guys! Your MIL is awesome.

Posted April 13, 2009 at 6:59 AM by Blogger Cyndi

I'm very glad you liked the show. It gave me such chills just to watch. Wow! Glad to hear some fun stories from you all.

Posted April 13, 2009 at 5:17 PM by Blogger Cami Jo

Easter fun

Dying Easter eggs. I just love Ryan's face--it kind of captures how we often feel by the end of the day.

Hyrum was the youngest so he led out the Eater egg hunt at Grandpa Dennis's then was soon followed by the others.

Easter waffles with cute little chicks Jannie made for us on top.
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The Last Supper

In an attemp to add a little Spirit to our Easter we put on a "last supper" on Friday. It was a little thrown together but fun. We put a bunch of stuff on the table to remind us of Jesus and played "I spy." So eveyone took turns "spying" something on the table. We had "fishers of men," "salt of the earth," "light of the world," "by their fruits ye shall know them" and stuff like that. The kids even came up with a few I hadn't thought of. We got a flat cassedia as unleavened bread and mentioned the sacrament. We talked about Judas and I think the betrayal really sunk in with Ty. The death really sunk in with Tanner. After eating we washed each others feet and sang a hymn. They each loved all the attention there were some sweet moments. We're learning that a really good time to teach boys is when they're mouths are occupied with food.

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That's a cool idea guys! We'll have to try it.

Posted April 12, 2009 at 9:03 PM by Blogger Chris

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Posted April 14, 2009 at 10:02 PM by Blogger Mary Ann

This is great! I love how you incorporated so many ideas from the scriptures and brought them to life. Your boys are lucky to have you as their teachers.

Posted April 14, 2009 at 10:03 PM by Blogger Mary Ann

Are you real?


A little wii story for you. Jordan and Hyrum were eating strawberries ($1 at sunflower market--LOVE that place) and Jordan was pretending they gave him "zapping power" like on the wii. Hyrum didn't really like being zapped so I told Jordan he could either zap people who wern't real or he could ask Hyrum first (sometimes Hyrum allows such play if he's asked permission). Jordan turned to Hyrum and said "Hyrum, are you real?"
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Mario and Luigi

Grandma Heaton gave Tanner these Mario and Luigi hats for Tanner's birthday. They wear them all the time and love to reinact their Wii game "Mario and Sonic at the olympics." They love having races around the pool and building hurdles with our big red cardboard blocks. We're becoming big fans of the Wii. When controlled, it's a great motivation to get the kids to do their work and and it gets them interested in sports and it's just something fun to do sometimes. We can even play through the internet with Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah in North Carolina.
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Hey guys - Love the hats! We really look forward to playing Mario Kart with the boys! They are so fun! We're also very glad that Hyrum is real.

Posted April 12, 2009 at 9:02 PM by Blogger Chris

3 Memories this Easter

This week I had 3 specific memores I wanted to share.

1. When I was in Truman Madsens BYU stake they handed our scripture cards to everyone encouraging us to memorize them. I was working on Isaiah 53:5. I remember exactly where I was walking (South on campus and nearly to the road) when I felt these words so powerfully that it's as if they were engraved on my heart:

"But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him: and with his stripes we are healed."

I knew it was true. I had been repeating the words all day and then, surrounded by other students and traffic, I was given a witness they were true.

As life has gone on and I've learned to trust in the atonement I have had more peace and joy. I know I can do anything, in the Lord, BECAUSE he's already overcome all of my obstacles for me.

2. Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. Thousands of Christians started at Bethpage with huge palm branches (many taller than us even). We walked the road Jesus took in his triumphal entry, on the donkey, to the city gates. Our little group of students began singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Gradually those walking with us, of all Christian faiths, began to join in the chorus. "Glory, glory, hallelujia! Glory, glory, Halleluja! Glory, glory, Hallelujah! His truth is marching on." Those words seem to vibrate my soul whenever Easter comes around.

3. I wanted to quote a powerful letter I got over 10 years ago from a dear French friend who was investigating the church. I just love how fresh and real and humble her testimony is:

"On this beautiful, powerful day of Easter, I am just longing for sharing what I have felt today. I can't explain how deep is my joy, I just feel like crying and telling everybody how happy I feel, I feel so strong...

Till, today, I just have seen Easter as the day of the DEATH of Jesus Christ. Why would you explain that I could be happy on such a day? I know today that Easter is more than the DEATH, it is the RESURRECTION: Jesus Christ lives! And for his reason we can be happy...

I don't want to go to bed because I don't want to sleep and forget what I am just feeling...

The thing I have learned thanks to the prayer, the scriptures, etc. is that we have to listen to our heart, to listen to our impulse, I have to pray, but I also have to be ready to hear the answer--they don't come immediately when we wait for them...

Tonight, in spite of my little worries I feel happy."

Her testimony and letter filled me with so much joy when I got it and, again, the truths of the gospel burned into my soul.

I'm grateful the Spirit brought these experiences to my remembrance this Easter. I join my voice with all Christians today in praising the Lord for overcoming sin and death. Hallelujah!