Backtrack to Snowbird

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, November 16, 2008

We had a great time in Snowbird last month. This is the elevator. Unless we establish who pushes the button before leaving the room then we're sure to have pushing, squealing and yelling.

This is by the door where we put on shoes and coats. You may wonder about these thrilling spots we've chosen for pictures. To be honest, at Snowbird you just don't get out much. There's plenty of food the boys never get at home, and TV channels they don't get at home.

The game room was the most requested outing.

So, I wonder where Ty gets his intensity when playing video games??

Swimming was the second most requested.

Tanner wanted Ramen noodles and Grandma Janet delivered with this huge mixing bowl full of them.

Uncle Daniel is just cool. He showed the boys a squirrel then threw a rock by it so they could see it run up the tree.

Sure boys--you can have m&m's. Why don't we just give you a whole bowl?

Yay! Grandma Janet. She took the boys for 6 hours one days so Ryan and I could go to David's for dinner then pick up more Italian soda syrup.

Tanner loved attention from Bradly and Daniel.

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How fun to find you through Facebook and then in blogland! I've been reading up on you guys and seeing all your cute pictures of your family. Four boys! Love the treehouse, Snowbird & Halloween pictures. You & Ryan look just the same! Sometimes it seems like last year that we were all having our first babies. Time flies. So fun to get back in touch! Love, Megan

Posted November 17, 2008 at 9:37 PM by Blogger Megan