Thank you

Posted by Tamie on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I wanted to thank everyone for my great birthday. I was so touched by all of your comments--I was seriously weeping. Sometimes our own image of ourselves is so far off from what people think. It was like you were talking about the person I've always wanted to be but never felt I really was. I have the best people in my life who look for the best in me. I wanted to thank everyone one by one but life has gone on so I'll have to offer this general thank you to all of you and hope I'll have many chances to express my undying fondness to each of you in the future. Thanks for loving me.

I wish I could post a picture of all of you. I only dug up a few of you--the awesome group of 14 who celebrated at Tepanyaki on my birthday is first then my brother Daniel, sister Juliet, brother Robert, friend Mary (forgive me for the labor hospital picture but I thought you were so beautiful and it's the only one I have), My two Mom's and Mary Ann Tiemann.

Love you all!