Testimony from an almost 30-year-0ld

Posted by Tamie on Thursday, August 28, 2008

I recently had an experience that made me realize I need to be more open about sharing my testimony. I'm turning 30 tomorrow and have been reflecting on my life.

My heart races with the conviction that the gospel is true. There have been so many sacred moments: feeling truth pierce straight to my heart in seminary or church lessons, receiving a patriarchal blessing that continues to testify of a Father in heaven who knows and loves me, singing hymns at holy sights (and not just in Jerusalem but in our own mountains, at fire pits and sunsets), reading scriptures and feeling my heart soften and my mind open, being eternally sealed in the temple to Ryan, bringing God's children to the earth, feeling the intense love of a father in heaven for a friend who feels worthless, seeing one of my prayers miraculously answered after years of pleading, feeling my heart burn when a living prophet entered the conference center . . . there have just been so many undeniably strong witnesses from the Spirit that this is all true. How could I doubt that I am a beloved daughter of God? We are all beloved children of God.

I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I know the scriptures are true. This year I've especially loved the words of Isaiah and Paul the apostle.

I know Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sent his Son to teach, atone, die and be resurrected all for our salvation.

I know Heavenly Father loved us enough to allow us to suffer from the agency of others in order for us to choose to use our own agency to gain exaltation.

I know Joseph Smith, through one humble prayer followed by great courage and faith, restored the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know we are led by a living prophet and other leaders who strengthen us through inspiration and heaven sent ability beyond their own capacity.

I have had and have my share of trials. I'm learning that these are all necessary for my salvation. I'm learning to trust more in God and to wait more patiently on him. I don't have to know his reasons, I just have to trust him. And he'll reward the smallest act of service or faith abundantly. The intensity of our trials will be exceeded by the joy we feel for being faithful through them. I've felt this indescribable joy. I've felt it many times and look forward to feeling it many more. I want to be one of those "old people" who just carry themselves with peace--as if they are basking in the rewards of a faithful life.

Well. I wish I could bear testimony in person to each of you so you could see the truth and sincerity I feel. Thank you all for a great 30 years (or however long you've been a part of my life). I count all of you as some of my greatest blessings.


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That is such a great pictures of your family, and especially YOU!

It is always wonderful to hear (or read) somebody's testimony as it strengthens other's testimonies. I will tell you though, that people that know you or come in contact with you will always know that you have a strong testimony of the Gospel. It is in your eyes, your face, your whole body and in your countenance! You're a great example of a Latter Day Saint!

Posted August 29, 2008 at 12:15 PM by Blogger Aub and John