It's awesome, it's the best . . .

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, July 20, 2008

We were watching Nacho Libre the other night and I can't stop laughing about the part where he tries to explain to the orphans how great his life is. They don't need to wrestle to have a great life. Just look at him. He wakes up every morning and makes soup, shops for food, picks up orphan chips . . . It's awesome! It's the best.

So, let's just admit it. Like Nacho, my life is not glamorous--AT ALL. I wake up in the morning, make breakfast, change diapers, do dishes, do laundry, put kids in time out . . .it's awesome! It's the best.

People love bringing up how Utah sells the most depression medication in the nation. My perspective on this little tidbit has changed a bit. Maybe we're actually not the most depressed, we just have this crazy idea that we shouldn't be depressed. We're suppose to love every minute of our lives and if we don't, something is really wrong with us. So, I'm learning to be more comfortable with feelings of fatigue, depression, boredom, suffering, and sorrow. Didn't the Savior himself weep on several occasions? Wasn't he angry, sad, hurt and even, dare I say, depressed?

When Ty says he's bored, I pipe right up. Most of life will be boring and hard work so if you don't learn to handle it now then you've got a long life ahead. So instead of being "depressed" about negative feelings I'm going to be more grateful for them.

Because I'm tired, I'm thrilled when I have energy. Because I'm bored, I'm easily entertained. Because I suffer, I can revel in good health. Because I'm sad, I can experience deeper joy. The time outs are what make those hugs and giggles so inexplicably wonderful. It's the BEST!

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I LOVE your perspective! You are so right, the contrast is what makes us appreciate all aspects of life! Thank goodness for opposition in all things! And that quote from Nacho Libre is one of our favorites too. SUCH a good movie!

Posted July 20, 2008 at 11:34 PM by Blogger Mindy

Thanks for the perspective on the downs of motherhood (especially with active boys!). I have a lot of the same feelings, thankfully the good days and good feelings more than balance out the bad ones!

Posted July 23, 2008 at 12:18 PM by Blogger Jeannie