Hats off to Ryan

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, July 13, 2008

I just have to give a little tribute to Ryan. When people have asked how we could have four kids so quickly--I know the answer immediately. It's because I'm married to Ryan. A husband who supports me and a Dad who genuinely loves and enjoys his kids. His colors once again shone through after my surgery. He was so self sacrificing that one day I even got mad at him for it. I was trying to get him to go swimming because he hadn't been able to exercise and I knew he wanted to. His reply amazed me. He said "I've made my decisions with the Spirit and I know I'm doing the right thing." His faith inspired me--his partnership has seen me through every painful experience since we first fell in love. And I see how blessed he is for his sacrifices. I see how the Spirit quickens his mind and ability to accomplish tasks more quickly and effectively to compensate for the precious time he gives to us.

So, three cheers for Ryan! Thank you for your time, your love, your humor, your creativity and yourself.
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I always love your post. Ryan is so great. You two are the perfect match. Do you have a pool in your backyard? I notice a basketball court and a gate around a pool. I can see why you have no need to go anywhere. It sounds like a wonderful summer (minus the surgery). At least it's over with. The boys are getting so big. Do you have a special smoothie recipe? I think I am going to bring the kids to Utah in September for Tyler's homecoming (if the price of tickets go down a little). It will be so fun to see you.

Posted July 18, 2008 at 11:47 AM by Blogger Cyndi