Starting Small

Posted by Tamie on Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The kids love this little laundry basket hole from the kitchen to our master closet. Tanner gave us another laugh the other day. Daniel got a 1964 powder blue Mustang for his 16th birthday. I was standing with the boys watching him pull out of the garage when Tanner gasped and excitedly said “I think it’s going to be a Transformer!” I just love seeing the world through Tanner’s eyes.

Conference was inspiring and motivating but by the fourth session my list of things to work on was feeling a little overwhelming. I reeled myself in and decided rather than get discouraged and not do anything, I would just make one goal to start with.

My goal was a meshing of several talks and promptings: Elder Wirthlin reminded us that when we are weary, we will be strengthened as we serve others. Elder Bednar encouraged us to make our prayers action oriented and Elder Ballard encouraged us to enjoy the moment.

My goal is to say a focused prayer before bed each night asking the Lord to help me think of one act of service I can do the following day. Again, rather than becoming overwhelmed about all the things I could do, I ask the Spirit to help me settle on one thing then I write it down. The next day it is on my mind and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do it. I should add, these goals are very small and attainable; an email, a phone call, a blog.

This may be a second goal but I feel less overwhelmed if I include it in the first goal. It is that I say action prayers when feeling unable to go on during the day—“help me get up for my walk, help me build a track with Jordan, help me get dinner going, give me strength to kindly change one more diaper, help me drop this and enjoy my kids . . . .” I have felt more focused and energetic (that may be too strong a word :-)) in attending to the moment.

Of course it’s only been a couple days but they’ve been great days and I’m excited to continue my own little “experiment upon the word.”

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Your matching orange is darling! I love it, your family photos ALWAYS make me smile. They are so REAL, I mean...what 4 boys will stay still and all smile at the same time? I just love your little guys. Tanner is a crack up. Your goal is awesome! You are so service oriented I'm sure you probably have a hard time deciding which one to do. Love you.

Posted April 14, 2008 at 10:14 AM by Blogger Cyndi

Home at last

So, you think we'd have hung pictures on the wall by now. At least we finally got it painted. This is the beginning of our front room. love the criss cross windows.
Here is our family room off the kitchen, a MUST for me. It used to be non existent. Imagine a big wall right behind the table with the whole middle of the house taken up as closets and bathroom and stuff.
This is my favorite attempt at an Easter picture in front of our house. You'll see Tanner hiding on the far right.
Our community park right in the back yard. They're filling up the fire truck so they can squirt water. The little guys ride around on the big cement pad all the time. By the way, that's not our fire truck. I know it's hard to tell since MY KIDS are in it. Thank goodness for great neighbors willing to share.
I just love it when they're matching. We got these sweaters in Oslo.
We love our green bedroom--especially how well it looks with the stained glass. You walk in and immediately feel calmer--almost like you walked into a fairy tale. In fact, I think we're going to inscribe "true loves kiss" above the arch into our bathroom (or spa--as I like to call it). Enchanted has to be about the best movie ever made. I didn't get any pictures to do our bathroom justice yet. . . stay tuned for a future blog.
The yellow thing is our zip line in our back yard and just beyond the half fence is our neighborhood park. The gate to the right is a fenced in swimming pool. further to the right is basketball courts. There is a house for sale facing the courts if any of you are interested in living in the city of Enoch with us :-).
From the family room looking into the kitchen. One day, I'd like to knock out all the cabinets on the left and make the whole wall windows. I can never get enough light.

Here's a view from the front. We're looking forward to seeing it blossom and come alive soon. Ivy, roses, fruit trees, aspens and lots more trees and we'll see what else.
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Your house looks great! Your room is my favorite...yes, you should put True Loves Kisses. Eden has been dancing around singing, "How I know" in a princess voice. She just adores Enchanted. We finally had to give it back to our neighbor in fear that we were going to wear it out! You guys have done so much work, it must feel so great to see the progress.

Posted April 14, 2008 at 10:17 AM by Blogger Cyndi