Getting settled

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, January 13, 2008

We're actually finding time now to do things like build snowmen, go sledding, have friends and family over and just SIT inf front of our new and wonderfully cozy gas fireplace.

These are some wonderful West Jordan friends who braved the long drive to come surprise Ryan for his 30th birthday. This room was nonexistent when we moved in. It was full of closets and walls. We also had to move a bathroom out of the way but we're so much happier with the flow of things now. The kitchen is right behind the camera man.

Here you can see some of the construction. We can't stress enough how good if feels to finally feel a little settled. Carpet came two days after Christmas and, admittedly, it was almost better than Christmas itself. Thank you to Sarah and Chris (Ryan's brother and wife) who spent a day of their break helping us paint, clean and get ready for the carpet. That was one of those acts of service we'll never forget. Notice in the kitchen picture that Tanner just fell asleep right on the floor. One of those days!

When I look back, I realize the lack of pictures is a perfect symbol for how frazzled things have been. The camera was lost, along with everything else. You don't even have the chance to think about documenting anything because you're brain is just overloaded with too many other things that need to get done. We'll take some better pictures of the house to post soon. Consider these the teasers.

Besides settling into our home, we're also settling into the neighborhood and ward. We've started game night, I've joined a book group, I'm walking with three great women and serving, once again, as primary chorister. The bishopric stopped by when I was gone one night and Ryan took the liberty of telling them it was my favorite calling. What?!? It's fun but I love many different callings. So they went ahead and released their incredible chorister, who runs a children's theater, knows all the kids names, has visuals for every song they sing, and put me in. Yikes! Her husband is in the bishopric and set me apart. It was a beautiful blessing that gave me courage. I was encouraged to use the scriptures and I would grow closer to the Lord than I've ever been. The spirit will be stronger in our home. Well--I am excited and already have a growing love for these great kids.

Ryan is teaching missionary prep. and organizing the teaching in elders quorum. We bought a pass to the rec center and Tanner loves going swimming with Ryan. He's also taken the boys to the racquetball rooms with a bunch of bouncy balls. They loved it! Professionally, he's still loving his job and continues to take on extra consulting when he can squeeze the time in. It was fun to fly to San Francisco for a couple days with him in December. He did his consulting and I read and relaxed.

For those stalwarts who are still reading I thought I'd delve a little deeper into my head for a minute. I've been thinking about the "measure of my creation" lately. The Lord wants us to fulfill the measure of our creation and find joy therein. I strongly believe our talents aren't just for fun. I've been hoping to find ways to use my talents and live a fuller life. I'm anxious to continue learning and creating. My most recent realization, however, is that I have failed to recognize the work I'm doing as a mother as "creating." In fact, raising Gods children is the work most closely related to what God himself does. This time with young children is such a short time compared with life and eternity. My talents are not being wasted, rather they are being maximized, stretched and honed. There will be a season for other work to do but, for now, these realizations encourage me to be content and find joy in what I'm building each day--children of God. I feel that if I can keep this perspective, life will hold more joy for me and my family. I'm grateful for all of you mothers who share the joy your kids are bringing you. I love reading your blogs and hearing from you because it teaches me how to fill the measure of my creation and find joy therein.
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Ryan and Tamie, you are both so amazing! Way to just jump right in and get involved! Happy Birthday, Ryan! Sorry we couldn't make the long journey down to be with everyone! And, Tamie, thank you for your words of wisdom on motherhood. You never fail to inspire me to try harder and do more (or less!). Thank you! We miss you guys!

Posted January 13, 2008 at 11:22 PM by Blogger Mindy

So I am totally out of it. I know you moved, but I had no idea that you were undertaking such big projects on your house. Tamie & Ryan you are saints! I can't imagine living in a space where you are trying to work in...with 4 boys! The house looks so good, I can't wait to see more pictures. Also, I love the new web page. Great pictures, I'm glad Hyrum was finally included..ha ha. Tam, your red coat is so cute. Will you tell me the books you are reading in your book club? I also participate in a book club and would love to hear what you're reading. Thanks for your thoughts, after all your boys are grown and old I think you should write a book!

Posted January 14, 2008 at 8:22 PM by Blogger Cyndi

Wow you guys! I love the pictures of your house and amazed at all you are doing with four little ones. Yikes! I was happy to read/see the update. The house looks SO great! Carrie said it was fun going with you to pick out paint colors. Hey, I just booked a flight for Spencer and I to come up to see Carrie and the boys February 8th. We should get together! I'd love that. This trip is part for me (to help Carrie finish the nursery) and part for Spencer. All he wants for his fifth birthday is a trip to UT to play in the snow with his cousins! How cute is that???? So I just booked them! How could I not?

Posted January 15, 2008 at 10:06 PM by Blogger Marcy