Posted by Ryan on Monday, August 27, 2007

Tamie and I were talking the other day about the talents of our children. How beautiful it is that Heaven has given us each different talents and gifts and how important it is to recognize what we've been given. We're often tempted to deny our gifts in the name of modesty or because we're insecure about how to receive praise.

Here's are a few reasons that it's important to recognize the appreciate our talents:

  1. By recognizing our talents, we can better help others when they struggle with what we're strong in, rather than get annoyed when they don't "get it". For example, I've always had a propensity for math, but I was never a good math tutor because I would get too impatient when others would struggle to grasp the concepts that came so naturally for me.
  2. By recognizing our talents, we become more accepting of ourselves. We can be happy with what we've been given, and accepting of what we haven't been given. It is no more prideful to accept our talents than it is humble to deny our weaknesses.
  3. Recognizing our talents gives us guidance with what to do with our life. We can be secure in the knowledge that our talents are given to us for a reason and that we're expected to use them to bless the lives of others.
  4. Recognizing the talents of others will help us to be more humble and reliant on them to support us where we fall short.