Mahalo to our Hawaiian guests

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, July 22, 2007

I had to write a more detailed blog about our fabulous visitors.

Caitlin and Jeanelle had great giggles. They played robot with the boys where the boys used the TV remote to "control" them. We had them do good and bad scenarios for one family home evening using the robot remote. One day they moved all the furniture and played soccer in the house with Ryan and Ty. Caitlin taught me all the words to "singing in the rain." We quickly learned that if you waited it out the rain always stopped in a few minutes. They helped a ton so we could go to the beach every day (could never have pulled that off on my own). I was able to share a lot of my insights and hear theirs as well on our morning walks--very fulfilling with great endorphens. We tried the Laie falls hike but had to turn back because it was getting late. We still saw some beautiful scenery and had a lot of laughs and felt great. They are fun girls. Today I was singing "singing in the rain" and Jordan said "where's Caitlin?"

Rob and Emily were more than gracious. They came for a couple days before their cruise and a few days after. The girls babysat so we could go to the temple with them as well as a date at the cheesecake factory. We sat at the table for about three hours talking. They are so easy to talk to. We all loved riding in their Mustang convertible rental car. Ty and Tanner go little grins when he took an especially fast turn. It was fun watching Rob try to open a coconut and Emily trying to be brave and snorkel. We love those guys and were so happy they would feel comfortable enough to come visit us.

My Mom did so many cute things with the kids. She used Styrofoam pieces to make a toy pineapple train for Jordan. He slept in her room and she patiently drew him picture after picture of the pineapple train. He would hold all the crayons in his hands and hand her the colors she asked for. When they were done, he'd put them one by one back in the box. She also brought a truck book he always wanted to read with her. I think she also snuck him lots of treats. My biggest clue was when she left he kept asking for "one" and pointing to the shelf in the closet where her snacks were. She helped Ty decorate a coconut for Grandma Heaton and drew a lot of cute pictures of the boys playing for them to color. She took Juliet and I for pedicures. That was GREAT. She stayed with babies so Ryan could join us on a couple of outings. Ryan and I went on two more dates while she was with us. She bought food, did dishes, got up with Hyrum at night--wow. What would life be like without Grandmas? Despite all of her hard work we're glad we didn't drain her too much. I think she found peace. We were happy to see her more energetic and smiley by the time she left. She even tried the boogy board her last day.

Rob and Juliet just added even more warmth to Hawaii being there. When we dropped them off Ryan very sincerely said "wow, they're gone. I'm really going to miss them." Their family brings a lot of love and a lot of fun. Ty and Kayden were inseparable and they obliged by taking Ty with them many times when we needed to get home for naps. Ty swam with the dolphins because Kayden did and he tried snorkeling because Kayden did. They could play around the house forever creating planets, treasure hunts, mystery machines, magic, making weapons--whatever they came up with. Grandma Janet bought them a tarp and sprinkler to do a slip-n-slide that they all LOVED. Tanner was really good at it. He'd pop his tummy out and slide the whole way. Kayden had on a different pair of shoes every couple of minutes and would wander quickly if you didn't watch closely. He was so cute and even said "Tamie." We loved playing ticket to ride with them and just talking. It was great to go places with them because it was all so new and exciting. They were committed to see the best in everything we did and enjoy it as much as possible. Juliet was so nervous to snorkel and I was able to help her. I loved that she trusted me enough to come and make that memory. They are incredible people. Funny, gracious, creative, insightful, understanding, open and kind. We feel extra blessed to be family.
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Tamie and Ryan,

Everyone wants to be your friends because you always say such nice things about them! I love how you see the good in everyone and show such gratitude. I only wish we would have come and visited. That's ok, were we'll be around forever. It is so fun to hear about Hawaii.

Posted September 5, 2007 at 9:18 AM by Blogger Ordyna family