Funny Sundays

Posted by Tamie on Sunday, July 22, 2007

It seems like a lot of our funny stories happen on Sundays. Tyring to keep four boys reverent in church has brought me to tears of frustration on the bad days and tears of laughter on the good days. Today was a good day. By "good day" I don't mean they were reverent my any means, it just means I handled it better.

Jordan does not understand how to whisper. The danger light goes off when he pulls out a book because he loudly starts pointing to the images and saying them quite loudly. Today it was "Excavator! Mom! Excavator! Tractor truck! mom! Fire Engine truck! What's this Mommy?" I reply "whisper Jordan" He YELLS "Whisper truck mommy!"

Last week we put Ties on the boys. We put Ty's tie on first. We then asked Tanner if he wanted a tie. He thought we asked if he wanted a "Ty." He said, "No. I want a Tanner"

Then of course there's this idea that church is all about food. This was most dramatically illustrated when we realized Tanner called it "snackrament" meeting. Of course our kids don't really need food, it's just a desperate tactic to keep them quiet. We're working on this. If anyone has any helpful suggestions for teaching little boys reverence then please pass them our way.