Posted by Tamie on Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Today marks the end of our first week in Hawaii. We thought it would be fun to share our top tens with you:

Ryan's cool wreck dive where he saw ships 100 feet under water. They swam through the ship and saw eels and tons of fish. A huge turtle swam up to them. (It's only number ten because I wasn't there). We actually all got to see big turtles at turtle beach--way cool.

The sweet sliding glass door in our house that's as big as the wall. When you open it it's like removing a wall and you become part of the stunning ocean view.

Fresh pineapple, papaya and coconut off the side of the road. This guy just cut it up for us with his machete. Cheap and delicious.

Shaved ice with ice cream in the bottom drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. Jordan made the rounds eating out of everyone's until they were all gone. I was also able to buy one of my little zip purses with a matching beach bag there.

Riding the pineapple train at the Dole plantation (Jordan refused to get off). We fed these CRAZY orange fish afterwards. When you threw the food they were swimming on top of each other out of the water to get it--like they wold sacrifice their life for it. It reminded us a little of the way Hyrum eats. On the way out we stopped at the gift shop and smelled these incredible cinnamon roasted macadamian nuts that made us determined to go back.

Watching the boys (Ty especially) love the beach and CONSTANTLY asking to go. They always want Buddy to come (The Doxeys dog) so they can throw sticks for him. Tanner seems to think fish will get him--no thanks to the Jonah story.

The boys following their "treasure maps" on an incredibly beautiful hike to a waterfall. When we arrived we had to swim in it even though I was fully clothed. those who know me understand that I couldn't pass a waterfall up--no matter what I was wearing.

The People: Getting time to talk to and be with with each of the Heatons. One if the new people with us is Sarah, Chris's girlfriend. It was SO fun to see him with someone and get to know her better. The locals are also fun to be around; we loved hearing simple, grateful Hawaiian testimonies on Sunday and have REALLY enjoyed some of the warm smiles that have been given to us.

Hawaiian lushness and beauty: fragrant yellow and white flowers everywhere, rainbow trees, palm trees, HUGE trees with hundreds of branches and vines growing up them. Walks/ jogs to the temple are especially beautiful.

HOT Hawaiian nights-- oo la la. Listening to the ocean at night is SO romantic. It's also very loud. The first two nights we thought Hyrum slept through the night but it turns out we just didn't hear him because of the ocean.

Now for the top ten bad things about this week:

10. No carpet or kitchen or mirrors in the house.

9. A cliff in the backyard and an uncovered deck upstairs that make us a little nervous.

8. How to deal with all this sand. What do I do at the beach, for example, with Hyrum who just wants to stuff sand in his mouth? He gags it up but doesn't seem to learn any better.

8. Having to drive an hour to Walmart or Costco.

7. No car seat for Jordan who is always taking himself out of his seatbelt.

6. Beautiful weather can also feel hot and muggy sometimes (Ryan's contribution).

5. As nice as everyone is about it, four kids are just sometimes a bother.

4. Mosquito and bug bites (better weather= bigger bugs). Karynn got stung by a bee. Ouch! Every time a bug touches Tanner he thinks a spider bit him and he's going to turn into Spiderman overnight. He actually introduced himself as Spiderman in church by lifting his shirt up (he thought it would be obvious when everyone saw his body I guess).

3. Only two people have looked at our house in West Jordan.

2. Adjusting to jet lag and a very different living experience for the kids. Jordan's had the most break downs.

1. Tamie getting strep for the fourth time since January. It is very likely she'll have to get her tonsils out when we get home.

Well, that's a stinky note to end on. Life is beautiful here and we're excited to get our family settled. Mark Doxey will be working on the house all the time--carpet should be here next week. We're excited to have those who are coming to visit. I'm excited about just going to the beach every day with the kids. Being far away makes us more anxious for news from home so if you get a minute then please drop us a line.

Sorry, you'll have to wait for pictures because we left the conversion cord home. Ryan bought a new one--we just have to wait for it to be shipped.