August 15, 2006

Posted by Ryan on Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We're thrilled to announce another little boy who surprised us by coming three weeks early. His name is Hyrum Hal Heaton. He was 8 lbs. 9 ounces and 21 inches long. The baby was due on August 29-Tamie's 28th birthday. We were bracing ourselves for a long and pregnant August and probably a September baby since we've always been late. Tamie, however, was starting to leak amniotic fluid the first week of August. It took us a week to go check it out. Being only one day away from 37 weeks (considered full term) and to avoid further risk of infection they decided to induce with pitocin. We wanted to avoid another cesarean so they had to take the pitocin slowly to avoid undue stress the uterus. It was over 20 hours when he finally came August 7 at 7:41 a.m.

We would be remiss if we failed to recognize the answer to prayers that were the many angels sent to help with Hyrum's birth. The nurses and midwives who delivered him were caring and sentive and Stacy (our doula) who was such a support. But most of all, our families were heaven-sent as they stepped in to help. Grandma Janet and Grandma Heaton took care of the other boys while we were in the hospital. Grandpa Hall came immediately to deliver a touching blessing before labor started. And Grandma Janet is staying with us for two weeks (!) to help us acclimatize to having four.


Two days before he was born we saw the new Joseph Smith movie and loved watching the brothers interact. Hyrum was so faithful to his family and God. The name means "exalted brother." The name just fit our newest. He has been wonderful and sweet. The boys love him. Ty has been a little emotional, Tanner has been a bit physical and Jordan has actually been wonderful-even better than before. These little guys are going to have so much fun together. We're so happy to have another boy. Ryan goes back to work this week, so we're bracing ourselves.


It was a challenging pregnancy with three little boys to take care of but, as you'll see in the pictures, we've still been having a lot of fun. Ryan continues to love his job. He has been getting up early on Mondays all summer to take practice GRE tests. He aced the real test the day before we had Hyrum (impeccable timing). We're applying for graduate schools for fall 2007. If he gets in-we'll be off on quite an adventure going back to school with four kids. If he doesn't-we'll stay at a job he loves. Ty went in for Kindergarten testing today. We're relieved that he finally seems to be excited about going-he used to just cry if we talked about it. He LOVES his new bike Grandpa Dennis bought him. Our family has gone on a lot of bike rides because of his persistent coaxing. Ryan pulls the little ones in the trailer. Mommy even went a couple times when she was 9 months pregnant. Now she just walks while Ty rides. Tanner is excited for preschool-he is a very social little guy. Jordan is just cool with whatever.

Ryan's sister Jenna married Steve Nicholson on July 25 then Tamie's brother Robert went into the MTC on the 26th (Houston South). We're thrilled for them both.

Thank you for your patience with our busy little family. Thank you for your efforts to keep in touch. We feel blessed to know all of you.


The Heatons

Ryan, Tamie, Tyran, Tanner, Jordan and Hyrum

P.S. Tamie's been doing a ton of reading and self discovery. For those interested we thought we'd list some favorites (click here). We'd also love to hear any recommendations you may have for books that have helped you.