July 6, 2005

Posted by Ryan on Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Life With Three

Having realized that the last newsletter didn't have very up-to-date information, we thought we'd send out another one before Jordan grew up.

Once Tamie hit her twelve week mark (recovery seemed to take twice as long with a c-section) this little family has been having more fun all the time. We're learning the art of going out with three kids or, even more importantly, knowing when NOT to go out.

When NOT to Go Out

Do NOT take three kids shopping, for example. Things happen like finding Tanner eating smarties "like a Dinosaur" (without hands) off Macey's floor or having boys hide behind clothes racks. Strapping them to the cart creates excessive whining. The only way to pull off shopping is to eat our way through the grocery store (string cheese, chocolate milk, teddy grahams, french bread) or, even better, divide and conquer (often referred to as zone defense). For example, often Ryan will take the boys to Barnes and Noble to play with the Thomas train table while he reads (he's on the second Enders game book just from our trips there) and I get to go to Old Navy or Walmart or Lowes or whatever errands we need around the area (usually with the baby but sometimes totally kid-free).

Other day outings have included free day care at the gym once or twice a week, play groups at the park, the library, McDonald's, getting the mail (yes-even that is considered an outing) and mostly playing on bikes and toys with other kids on the block while Mom weeds the neighbors grass out of our flower beds. We also love Grandma's house, of course. There we find wonderful company, wonderful food and lots of love. It's a pretty big event to get down to Provo for a day but it's always worth it.

Growing Up Fast

Tyran is starting to draw real pictures with thought. Last Sunday he drew baby Jordan grown up, an American flag, a big bridge and a little bridge. Yesterday, Ryan was about to reproach him for doing something wrong when Ty looked at him and said "I'm having a hard day." Of course it diffused Ryan into laughing. Ty is picking up on everything.

Tanner is slowly growing out of his recklessness but will still take off once in awhile. He started following daddy to work today while Mommy had to run after him in her bath robe and head towel down the street. He completely ignores you until you say something he's interested in. It usually sounds something like this:

"Tanner, come home, please."


"Tanner, do you want some breakfast?"

Ignore, keep walking.

"We have chocolate cereal. Do you want to play a game?"


"Come see baby Jordan."

Ignore, keep walking.

"Tanner, let's take a bath with bubbles."


"If you don't come back you'll have to go to your room for quiet time."

This may evoke a roll of the eye (his chin down and eyes look up).

"If I have to come get you you'll have to go in your room."

He may ignore, he may lay down face first body sprawled (quiet tantrum pose) or he may come.

His reaction is usually unpredictable but more and more he is choosing to obey. He loves to laugh, he loves to make Jordan laugh by spitting (we're trying to find something more sanitary) and he can play with Thomas trains for hours. He also loves the "robot movie" (The Incredibles). He's come out with a couple quotes from it. "What are you talking about?" he even uses Edna's inflection. A few weeks back his phrase was "dote woh-wy abowtit" (don't worry about it). These guys keep you laughing, that is for sure.

Jordan beams any time you look at him. He eats well, sleeps well and loves watching his brothers. He's grabbing, giggling and wanting to sit up. He'll fall to sleep on his own (I laid him on the bed to write this, he fussed a bit and next thing I knew he was asleep. Hurray!). He is so content and we have no complaints. I love hearing his little giggle and looking over to see the boys playing with him. I don't like hearing him grunt and looking over to see the boys squishing him. Today I caught Tanner jumping over him. He's also had his eye poked. It's the disadvantage to being number three. But how cool that he gets two built-in playmates!

Our pictures will tell about trips, campouts and holidays. Enjoy! We would love to hear from you.