June 9, 2005

Posted by Ryan on Thursday, June 9, 2005

Catching Up

It has been awhile (almost an entire year!) since our last newsletter. What a year it has been! While it would be an overwhelming task to overview everything that has happened since then, we thought that it would at least be fun to give you a glimpse into our life today.

We decided to overhaul the website and give it a new look-and-feel. We hope you enjoy it. (The underlying site architechture has been dramatically overhauled as well, but only the java programmers on this list would have any context to appreciate it.)

We hope you enjoy the pictures, too. They're all pretty recent--at least from the last few months.

Life With Three Boys is Awesome

Tyran and Tanner love Jordan. Ty called him "West Jordan" for a couple weeks until he started getting insecure when we'd chuckle at him. He would put his hands up and shrug his shoulders and ask "is it West Jordan?" and "is it a sister?" It took him awhile to be sure it was a brother too. He loves to sing "if you're happy and you know it" with him and clap his little hands and stomp his little feet for him. He also tells him "you're so cute little baby" and tells us to "look at his cute little feet." He reassures him when he fusses and gives an excited, eyebrows up, expression when I bring the baby out from nap or nursing.

Tanner loves the baby and wants to be right in his face. This is problematic because Tanner can never seem to get rid of his runny nose and sticky hands.

Jordan himself is a sweet little guy. He's pretty content but when he is fussy he doesn't like anything but Mommy or Daddy. No binky, no car seat, no stroller, no baby bjorn, no swing. At seven weeks he is almost in 3-6 month clothes and still hasn't lost his blue eyers and dark hair. Could he be the first to stay dark? He wakes up at least twice a night. Ryan and I split the night and both take a feeding.

So--our first trip to Walmart was incredibly memorable. The total experience took about three hours. We stopped to eat chicken, we stopped to feed the baby in a corner of the children's section while Ryan played tag with the other two. Along with the three boys we tried toting a plastic swimming pool and a three drawer storage container. Checkout took over an hour. The guy was so slow, "bless his heart", that his register locked on him and they had to send a replacement. Need we say that we've avoiding outings with all three kids since. We're still trying to figure out how to be husband and wife and not just Mom and Dad because the only system that seems to work right now is "divide and conquer." I think Grandma hall is coming Saturday and we're going on our first temple date in over three months.

Speaking of Grandma Hall. She has been so wonderful in coming to relieve us of one or two night shifts a week. She loves her time with the baby and the feeling is definitely mutual--he knows his Grandma. Tamie has also much appreciated the adult interaction since she never really goes at AT ALL.

Looking Forward

As much as we're enjoying the "now" we are looking forward to some things. One day we have hope that Ty will potty train and then Tanner should soon follow. Three in diapers sometimes gives you the feeling that all you do is change diapers. That may be true on some days. When we get Jordan to sleep through the night it will be a milestone for sure. Warm summer weather will help us get out and keep us out of the kitchen so much. Cancun with the Heatons, Bear lake with the Halls and our own camping trips should make a great summer for us.

We hope all of you are well. We are certainly occupied and not as good at keeping in touch these days but it doesn't mean we don't think of you and appreciate all of your efforts to keep in touch with us.


Tamie, Ryan, Tyran, Tanner and Jordan

(Five of us--that's like a real family size now!)