February 23, 2004

Posted by Ryan on Monday, February 23, 2004

Tyran Update

Ty turned 3 on January 9th. We had three little girls and two little boys (from his play group) over to celebrate. We played an animal game on the turn table in the middle of the table. We'd hide a little animal figurine under a cup then spin the lazy susan to see who it would stop on. The kids were very excited when the cup landed on them and they got to reveal the animal then take their turn to spin the turn table with the next mystery animal. We also put white paper all over the table and let them paint and we filled a sled with sand and let them dig for buried treasure (bouncy balls and wrapped candy). We had confetti cupcakes and Neapolitan ice cream. Ty drank lots of root beer (he asked for it as soon as his friends came because he knew it was for his party and had waited very patiently). We went to Chuck-E-Cheese's with the Heaton family that night. (Don't try that place on a Friday night. Crazy.) Ty got the coolest police car that he could ride in-a big hit! We had a later party at McDonald's with the Halls where Ty got some trains that he hasn't stopped playing with since.

He is getting more verbal and more fun to talk to every day (literally every day). It's really fun to see him trying to do the "L" sound. He sticks his tongue out really far and really overexaggerates it. One day he started singing all the words to the songs we've always sung with him. It blew us away that he knew them so well. It is so cute to hear him chime in with "I Am a Child of God," "I Love to See the Temple," "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," (he says finkle finkle yittow far) "The Wheels on the Bus," "Bob the Builder," (he yells the chorus, and even sings the drum part on the show!), and on and on. His favorite is the "winky ginky dink" song (skinnamarinky dinky dink). It hit us one day when we were hanging out in the kitchen that we might not be very normal the way we break out in song all the time. Ty said "sing, guys!" as if that's what we always do in moments of silence.

He is learning (slowly) to be a good brother to Tanner. Just this week when I was loading the groceries in the trunk Tanner was crying in his car seat. When I got in the car Ty had gotten a sucker out of our little armrest cubby and was trying to open it for Tanner. Also-when we give Ty something he will often tell us that "Mannas wants one too." "Mannas" is now Tanner's official nick name, by the way. It was quite an evolution from Tanner Bananer (to many hard R's) to Tanna Banana to Bananas to Mannas (because that's how Ty said Bananas). It's pretty funny to hear Ty get mad at Tanner and say "No Mannas! That's Ty's!"

Tanner Update

Tanner will be 1 this week! He's taken a few timid steps (at most three). He loves to push our little rolling basket around. It has handles on both sides so when he hits a wall he scoots to the other handle and pushes it the other way.

He loves playing in his little house under the sink (we cleared everything out of there for him). Ty will get in there with him and they will giggle and play until Tanner usually gets hurt. He loves watching Ty. When they're in the bath together they will go on splashing frenzies where they just slap the water like crazy. Ty kicks his legs really hard and Tanner laughs and then Ty laughs at Tanner laughing. I just close the shower curtain and peak in once in awhile.

Tanner also loves music. He starts dancing even when he hears a siren or any kind of noise with a beat. He starts bouncing when he sees me putting the CD in-before it even starts to play. Tanner loves the "fishy friend" hanging in the bathroom. Whenever you ask him "where's the fishy friend" he looks up high at it with a little giggle and huge dimple grin. When going outside is tolerable (or we have to get the mail) Tanner is so excited. He especially loves riding in the wagon and will just smile and bounce for almost the whole ride.

The poor little guy has been sick for almost two months but we think it's finally subsiding. He really does a good job at being as sweet and happy as possible when his little body is so miserable. We hope warmer weather will bring better health.

Fun Stuff

Ryan and I were able to go see Josh Groban in concert with Mom Hall and Juliet. Wow! That guy knows how to sing and his music is so uplifting. And the best was just going on a real date with Ryan. We usually go to the temple when we have the rare chance of going out but it was fun, for a change, to go do something together where we could hold hands, cuddle up and talk. Thanks to Chris for watching the boys! He really is such a cool uncle.

We have been meeting a lot of people all at once in our new ward and neighborhood. Play group, quilting group, reading group, baby showers, visiting and home teaching, Enrichment nights, FHE's with other young families, birthday parties, neighborhood parties, baby swaps and more play groups have been so much fun for us.

The boys and Tamie really look forward to "Bama Heaton" visits. Just this week she took the boys for almost five hours so Tamie could go meet Ryan for a session in the Salt Lake temple. When Ty woke up from his nap to see Mommy was back his first words were a sad "where's Bama Heaton?"

Last weekend Ryan and Amber (Tamie's cousin) came to dinner with Katie and Tucker. We just talked and laughed until late into the evening. Juliet brought Kayden up the next night (Valentines) and watched the boys for us. The movie we wanted to see was sold out and the wait at Chili's was over an hour so we decided to go to the most romantic places we could think of-Lowe's and Walmart. We'll never forget the memory! It was great to come home to talk to Juliet a bit. Tamie's Mom and brother Robert came to church with us today. Mom came to see Tamie lead the music in Sacrament and teach her lesson in Relief Society. Robert came to check out the girls. We loved having them. Ty made sure the whole way home from church that Grandma was still behind us coming to his house.

Family and long time friends are always the most fun. We hope all of you will know you are always invited. Sometimes we hesitate to ask because we live so far away we know it's a sacrifice to come.


We're going to have to downsize this category since our sphere of newsletter recipients has widened. We'll try to only tell you about the really big stuff and omit everyone's birthdays and such.

Cindy Garlock (Tamie's cousin) just arrived home from her mission in South Africa. We are excited to see her and hear her speak Sunday.

A couple other pending life changes that we anxiously await:

  1. Katie and Tucker's baby boy is due March 6th

  2. Juliet and Rob's quest for an anchoring position (Flagstaff or Twin Falls possibly)

Spiritual Thought

Tamie had the chance to teach Relief Society this week. In learning about how to be more grateful she came across a couple ideas that have impacted us greatly. President Howard W. Hunter taught, using the example of the ten lepers, that our joy cannot be full from receiving a gift until we are moved to express gratitude to the giver. It makes you think about the many services you've received and the many Spiritual blessings God has granted that you haven't yet expressed gratitude for. Is there a thank you note you need to write or a prayer of thanksgiving you need to offer?

It's interesting to note that our joy is not full until we express gratitude. In other words, the expression of gratitude isn't to make God feel good or glorious. If we cannot learn to receive our gifts gratefully then we can never fully enjoy or appreciate them. In fact-In D&C 88 we learn about the glory of the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms. Then in verse 32-33 it talks about "they who remain (or don't receive a Kingdom) shall also be quickened; nevertheless, they shall return again to their own place, to enjoy that which they are willing to receive, because they were not willing to enjoy that which they might have received." How crazy it is to imagine not being willing to enjoy glory-but if we can't learn to receive and express gratitude for the blessing we have now, what makes us think we can abide the glory offered later? It goes on to say "For what doth it profit a man if a gift is bestowed upon him, and he receive not the gift? Behold, he rejoices not in that which is given unto him, neither rejoices in him who is the giver of the gift."

Well-we think we've really been missing out on a lot of joy that is to be had by simply opening our eyes to our blessings and expressing gratitude for them. While we're in the mood to be grateful we want to thank all of you for your interest and support in our life. The more of life we experience the more priceless these long term relationships seem to become. We treasure all of you. Keep in touch.


Ryan, Tamie, Tyran & Tanner

P.S. Our latest book recommendation is Stargirl, by Jerry Spinnelli.