November 13, 2003

Posted by Ryan on Thursday, November 13, 2003

Catching up

Where do we start? Our last newsletter in May seems so long ago. The summer was amazing.

Matt got back from Taiwan and is now in school and teaching at the MTC. Soon after he got home, we went to Disneyworld and the Bahamas with the Heaton's.

With the Halls, we did Disneyland during our trip to California to attend the missionary homecoming of Rob Duncombe (Tamie's cousin). We camped in an unforgettable thunderstorm at Flaming Gorge reservoir for a Hall family reunion, and watched the few die-hards jump into the freezing cold water of Bear Lake in late June.

We saw Emily, Rick and Max Diamond (friends from the newlywed days), Julie (mission friend), and the Hallowells (longtime friends).

A new life

In the end of July, we settled into a new job, a new house and pretty much a new life. The first week we moved in, we thought we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. The commute was heavy, we had no air conditioning in the middle of a record-setting heat wave, and they were framing houses both next door and across the street, resulting in relentless pounding noises uninhibited by open windows. The dust caused Tamie to suffer from unyielding allergies.

Things have definitely looked up since then. Our neighborhood is only halfway built but already we have twelve kids under the age of four just on our street. Tamie has other moms to walk with and talk to and Tyran has other kids to play with. We often visit "yittle Katie Shepherd" who's just a little younger than Ty, and Austin (her little brother) who is just slightly younger than Tanner. We are so happy and feel so blessed. Ryan's job is meaningful, fulfilling and affords us this beautiful home and allows Tamie to be with the boys.

Our ward is approaching 1000 members, with a challenging 76 kids in nursery. Seats are crammed all the way to the back of the cultural hall. This development is being built so fast, they literally read off half a dozen (sometimes a dozen) new members a week. Ryan is the elders quorum secretary so he gets to go visit all the new people every other Thursday and try to keep track of everyone on his computer.

Our family

At eight months, Tanner has six teeth and is crawling all over the place. Ty still loves tractors and can pour himself a bowl of cereal. Every once in awhile, he'll spontaneously say "I like it the new house."

We love you all and hope to keep you better updated. Enjoy the pictures and the upcoming holidays!


Tamie, Ryan, Tyran, and Tanner.