May 25, 2003

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, May 25, 2003

Fun Stuff

Here is the story about Ryan's new job inserted from a past newsletter we never got out to you:

Let's start from the day he took the computer science GRE. He was very disappointed in the test and afraid he hadn't done well. This discouragement led to an inspired priesthood blessing that, among other things, promised that his future would be known soon. God's hand would be so apparent that we would fall to our knees thanking him.

February came and within a week we were rejected from all three schools we had applied to. Now what? Our prayers intensified and on a visit to the temple Ryan felt inspired to speak with his teachers. He went to Dr. Embley who was involved in the kind of data modeling work he was interested in. Upon asking him if he thought the church may be interested in sponsoring a project Ryan had felt compelled to do, the teacher informed him that the church probably wouldn't sponsor but would be very interested in hiring. Dr. Embley had just received an email from the church a few days earlier (breaking regular BYU/Church relation protocol) asking for people to fill job positions dealing with very similar work Ryan was asking about.

Ryan acted immediately. He went through an application process, phone interview, online test, personal interview and was hired within a week.

It feels so right and truly we have fallen on our knees thanking the Lord. The job could last anywhere from 2-5 years or even more. We still hope to go to grad school but our future is in His hands.

Besides the 10-11 hour days (three days a week Ryan has been swimming in the mornings and LOVES being back in the water) we love the new job. The work is challenging and fulfilling and our time together each day and on weekends has become more precious than ever.

The next big news is that we are building a house! Wow! After some grueling house hunting, we finally realized that we could get everything we want (3 bed, 2 bath, rambler-style, click here for more info) brand new for the same or less than the homes we were looking at. The commute will still be at least a half hour each way but that sure beats 1 1/2 each way. We'll be at about 78th S. and 78th W. in West Jordan. A city that's median age is 25 and 41% of the residents are under age 18. Sounds like our kind of folk! We are having a blast choosing our colors and watching it go up.

Warm weather means we get to go outside more. We've loved Thanksgiving Point. They have an awesome Noah's arc fountain where the animals squirt water randomly and the kids can wade in it. There is a maze with water walls, tunnels, caves, a little play lighthouse, little animal statues and animal footprints in the cement. Anyone who wants to join me anytime can get half off admission because I have a season pass.

Tamie and the boys have made several drives up to Salt Lake to pick Ryan up from work, do house stuff and hang out. Tamie has decided she's a middle lane kind of girl-we think that where and how you drive may say a lot about a person. One on our way home this week we stopped at the Dutch oven buffet in Lehi. If you're a buffet fan-you must try this place. All the Dutch oven meals and desserts you could want. It was a pretty fun treat.

I think the pictures will tell most of our stories about fun stuff this last little while: Graduation, Tanner smiles, Ty talking and exploring more, the new job, and family are filling our life with all kinds of fun this summer.


Matt gets home from his mission in Taiwan a week from Tuesday. Holy Cow!!

Robert got his black belt this month and turned 16. On his 16th birthday, the boys in the family played paintball and everybody went to the Lotus Garden for dinner.

Daniel got his Green and White belt and got braces. (Ouch!) He was also pulling double duty in the play Beauty and the Beast, being the beast at one time and Gaston at another.

Rob got the anchor position at Newsnet on BYU campus and is doing awesome (although you really should ask to see the video with the eye twitch).

Lots of other celebrations include birthdays for Katie, Daniel and Allen, a baby blessing for our Tanner and Spencer McClendon, anniversaries for Karynn & Hal, Katie & Tucker, Juliet & Rob and are we missing anyone else? Good work everyone! We love celebrating with you.

Spiritual Lessons

The possibilities of faith have recently grown so much larger to us as the teachings of the Savior become clearer.

When the disciples were unable to heal a mans lunatic son, but Christ was, Christ responded to their inquiry about why they couldn't do it in Matthew 17:20

"And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

I think thus far in my life I have been content to keep my faith to myself. In this I mean that I failed to really believe that God could change the course of events IN MY LIFE. I figured that his will would be done regardless of what I prayed for. I wasn't brave enough to pray for someone to be healed or for Peace in Jerusalem or for a sister to get pregnant or for a brother in law to find a family to baptize on his mission. If I said such things in my prayers, it was really without faith because I figured whatever was "supposed to happen" was predestined. Our recent spiritual realization is that our faith and prayers can, do and will change the course of events. Faith truly is the greatest power we have to fight evil in this world as we use our agency to exercise faith in behalf of others.

This increased faith has already been answered with an outpouring of blessings. I more vividly recognize answers to prayer. We prayed in great faith Ryan would get this job and he did. We prayed in great faith for Matt to baptize a family. Only two weeks before coming home he did! We are praying more specifically and faithfully for many of you reading this now. Blessings are on their way to you! We know the Lord hears and answers prayers. While we're on the subject-will you remember me (Tamie) in your prayers this month as I try to lose weight and eat healthy? I need your faith.

We encourage everyone to stretch and exercise their faith a little more this month. Do you believe you can move mountains, or better yet heal hearts, bring peace to a troubled world and even change the behavior of those around you? It is our testimony that you can. Let's get to work!

We love you all!

Tamie, Ryan, Tyran and Tanner Heaton