March 23, 2003

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, March 23, 2003

This is not really a full newsletter. We just wanted to make you aware of two important events coming up so those of you who are interested can mark your calendars, and we also just wanted to show you all some fun pictures and a fun audio clip of Ty singing "Happy Family."


Tamie will be getting her MPA degree and Ryan will be getting his degree in computer science and public relations on Friday, April 25. The ceremony will be in the Marriott Center at 8:00 a.m. Commencement exercises for the whole University will be April 24 at 4 p.m. in the Marriott Center.

Tanner's Blessing

Tanner will be blessed the first Sunday in May, that's the 4th. We have tentative plans to have an open house, but we'll send you more information as it gets closer.

Quick Update

The three graduate schools Ryan applied to were unable to admit him this year. We're currently looking for a different job and would be happy to talk to anyone who may have connections to anyone who may be looking to hire someone in computer science. Ideally, Ryan's looking for an opportunity to be involved in data modeling, which is basically coding large amounts of data, documents, or other information in a way that makes it easily organized and manageable.

We love you all and hope all is well. Hope you all had a happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Ryan, Tamie, Ty and Tanner

Pictures and Stuff

For those of you who haven't heard Ty for awhile, you might enjoy this little audio clip of him singing "Happy Family."