November 3, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, November 3, 2002


Grandpa Alma Heaton (many of you have shared fun memories at his backyard with us) passed away Wednesday night, October 30 around 10:30 p.m. We will miss him and never forget him. We know he will have everything ready for us to have a lot of fun when he greets us some day on the other side. His viewing will be Monday night from 6-8 p.m. at Berg mortuary then his funeral is Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. at their chapel. Grandpa will be buried at Provo cemetery very close to his own home.

Baby Roxburgh (they're still deciding between 12 names) was born to Juliet and Rob at 12:34 a.m. on November 2nd weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. He has a lot of beautiful dark hair and we can't wait to get to know this little guy sent to us from heaven. Juliet did an incredible job (see Spiritual Lessons).

It has been awhile since we made a list of Ty's new cute things. Those of you who are sick of doting parents can skip this part.

  • Whenever we pass McDonald's he enthusiastically point and says "ohhhh! ohhhh" several times very loudly.
  • He's at the babbitemng stage where he just looks right at you and talks itemke you should understand every word he says. The cutest part of his babbles is his interspersed laughs while he's talking.
  • When he reaitemzed the water is coming in sacrament meeting he gives his excited "oh-ho-ho (with a itemttle laugh)" then says a itemttle too loudly "watoh!" We have to always be sure to bring extra bread and water so he doesn't throw a fit about wanting more from the trays.
  • He is just learning to say prayers. He does sign language for thank you then we thank Heavenly Father for the things he knows how to say (the moon, church, mommy, daddy, kitty, bee, blankly, binky, na night, water, Jesus, etc.) It is so cute. He also folds his arms for prayer and knows that amen means he can unfold them.
  • All of a sudden one day he became scared of the dark. When the itemghts are off and it's dark outside he will run to us patting his chest (the sign for scared).
  • I think he could push his lawnmower up and down the street all day long. He is never happy to come inside (sometimes it will work to bribe him with La-La and Nu-Nu-Teletubbies).
  • His favorite food lately is yogurt-you'd think we were giving him a whole bag of candy all to himself when he sees the itemttle cartons in the fridge.
  • All of a sudden he has begun to notice what he's wearing. He refused to wear some fleece overalls the other day. He was so excited when Grandma Heaton got him a new shirt with "choo-choo's" on it and he was so excited to have a new pair of shoes to wear. He is so cute when he says "soooes!" and puckers up his itemps dramatically to get the "sh" sound as best as he can.
  • Spiritual Lessons

    We have included several recent events in our spiritual thought this week so it will be the bulk of our newsletter.

    Do you know that I love you?

    When Ryan and I go to bed, Ryan moves Ty from his portable crib in the bedroom to his crib out in the main living area. A sleeping baby is one of the sweetest things and we always love to see what creative sleeping position Ty has settled on for the night. You just watch him as your heart melts. Often as Ryan picks Ty up he will whisper to him "do you know that I love you?" Most often, Ty doesn't respond at all since he is sleeping. Once in a while he will give a little whine as if to say "leave me alone, I'm tired!" Once or twice though, he has sweetly responded to Ryan's question with a soft "ya." I think it's those "ya's" as well as Ryan's bursting love of a father that have kept Ryan asking.

    Today, as I sat in fast and testimony meeting, I was thinking about the question "do you know that I love you." It hit me that our father is constantly asking us this question. It may be through the beautiful world around us (for example, the day before Halloween the autumn leaves were falling off trees like snowflakes from the sky-it was magical!), the love of our own parents, grandparents and siblings, an answered prayer, a kind face or a thousand other ways. I also realized that my response is very similar to Ty's. Usually I just stay sleeping. I fail to recognize the love he's sending. Sometimes I will brush it off because I am too tired and don't want to be bothered and very rarely will I allow it into my heart and really feel his love responding with a soft "ya."

    Recently, we have felt an outpouring of Gods pure love in spending time with our family in Snowbird, taking Grandma Meyers to the Zoo, and feeling support from the Grandmas as school has begun to press in on us. We have especially been overwhelmed with the love God gives us through our families in our last visit with Grandpa Heaton and in the reflection on the legacy he has left and then two days later in welcoming our first nephew into this world.


    Grandpa's last family home evening with everyone was last Sunday. He sat on the couch holding Grandma's hand and looking so happy, peaceful and content as Sam gave a lesson on overcoming adversity. When Grandpa was asked for his closing remarks they were brief and heartfelt. He expressed his great love for his family and how blessed he felt to have us all living so close. He thanked us for being there. I think we all felt the great spirit and love of that man. How incredible to sit by your wife of 60+ years at 88 years old, realizing you are going to die soon, and being surrounded by your ever-growing posterity. This man has truly been blessed for his righteousness and we are each receiving multiplied blessings to pass onto our own children.

    Ryan and I have been reading his autobiography and are so glad he has written down his experiences and his insights on life. It is really a treasure and we will be able to continue his stories and advice now for our own children then theirs and so on. I will share one thought that struck me from his words this week. He encourages us to watch less and do more as well as to buy less and make more. True joy is found in creativity and in being physically, spiritually and mentally active. Perhaps this is why his requested closing song for the funeral is "Carry On!" I certainly won't forget Grandpas own ingenuity in his home and backyard. When it is time for us to buy things for our own home I will consider the possibility of doing it ourselves more often.

    The love we felt from Grandpa last Sunday was an accumulation of lifelong learning and the increased ability to recognize God's love then share it and watch it multiply. This love brought him much joy that penetrates each of us. He really did know how to enjoy life. Jenna mentioned in her testimony today that she's sure the people in heaven are having a lot of fun right now! He undoubtedly answered "ya" when God asked "Do you know that I love you?"


    Every family member was there Friday afternoon and evening as Juliet and Rob labored to welcome their new son and our new nephew. Tears wet our cheeks watching her suffering then began to flow freely as this new little life emerged into the world. He comes so innocent and so loved. His life will begin with receiving unconditional love from his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members. He will, as we all often do, take this love for granted for a long time until he is taught to recognize it for how pure and divine it is. As he learns to answer "ya" to the question "do you know that I love you?" he will then begin to experience the peace and joy that God intends him to have. Not only that but his love will become more Godlike as he has his own family and loves his own children.

    God's plan is just so beautiful. I am grateful that I woke up this week and was able to answer "ya" to God's prompting "do you know that I love you?"

    "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." --John 13:34



    P.S. To see more pictures of the labor, you can visit Sorry we had the nightshot on (poor quality).