November 24, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, November 24, 2002

Fun Stuff

Grandpa Heaton's funeral went beautifully. It was so impressive to see the outpouring of love people have for this man and his family. Because of how well he preserved his own history, we were able to hear many of his own words read by his children over the pulpit. We want to share three quick things that stuck out to us:

  1. Debbie's telling the "untold story" of how many jobs and trials Alma went through before his legendary work in the recreation and dance programs at BYU. His trials truly prepared him and filled him with a gratitude and joy that could be felt by anyone he met.

  2. Randy's recounting how important it was to Alma to have a home for gospel living. He wanted his kids to love being home and to bring their friends and eventually their own kids. He wanted his Grandkids to come because they wanted to-not because they had to or needed to. We all think his goal was more than accomplished. We want to remember this as we create a home for our own family.

  3. In Grandpa's testimony, he promises to build a home and have it waiting for us on the corner of Amen and Alleluia Street. We're excited that he'll have things ready to greet us.

We were impressed with the beautiful lunch the Relief Society so willingly prepared-with decorated tables and well prepared food and several desserts for 160 people (even though only about 60 ate). I think they so often go unnoticed yet so willingly give of their time and means. Thanks to anyone who has ever helped in baking or serving for a funeral. Just this weekend the Heaton family met at Grandmas to do some deep cleaning. We must have had over 20 people helping out and it went so well. It was awesome to see how willing to help and how supportive a family is pulling together.

Harry Potter may be a little anticlimactic to tell about but it was an important event to us. We don't get out to many movies and have been looking forward to this one ever since the first one came out. We loved the dual between Lockhart and Snape then Malfoy and Harry. The spiders freaked Tamie out. Didn't they have great characters? It was fun to see the Weasley's house and see the triumphant rescue of Harry from his mean Muggle family. The speaking of parsel tongue was also very masterful. We even won a snake pen because we had a picture of Moaning Mertle on our ticket. What a great day!

Thanksgiving was full of delicious food, watching Attack of the Clones then eating Tamie's homemade pumpkin pie at the Halls. At the Heatons', we all got to play Chris's game Dance, Dance Revolution. Ty was especially cute stomping on the circles and pretending to dance.


Ryan entered a website contest through the BYU ebusiness center last week. He competed against fifteen other contestants for a $250 grand prize and won! It was so exciting for us. They even served us really cheap and greasy pizza for dinner (you know the kind with puddles in the pepperoni). I have such a brilliant husband.

Happy Birthday (Nov. 20th) to Tamie's Mom and Ryan's Dad. They both got cool digital cameras-it was hard to tell if the person receiving the gift or Ryan was the most excited. Happy Birthday Sunday the 24th to Tamie's Dad. Whoever ate the cookies we made for him had better beware lest we find out who you are. Be very afraid!

Only 13 1/2 hours and 16 days until Tamie graduates for good. What an awesome and sometimes overwhelming experience it has been. Let's hope she can hold on just this much longer.

Juliet (Tamie's sister) should be getting cabin fever just about now. For those of us who live close, let's try to be there to do things with her and little Kayden more.

Great Grandma Hansen is celebrating her 90th birthday and getting sealed to Grandpa in the Las Vegas temple, Saturday December 7th.

Matt (Ryan's brother) is busy as a Zone leader and trainer in Douliu, Taiwan. Let's remember him and all our missionaries this Christmas.

Ryan is already getting sick but is in denial. As is the pattern, he'll probably crash right after finals and be sick during the break. It kind of stinks.

Spiritual Thought

I'm not feeling especially spiritual. I'm feeling kind of distracted, annoyed and pregnant so I'll defer to Ryan if he wants to inspire you all....

...Okay, I'll share with you a simple thought from this last conference. Elder Neil A. Maxwell said: "Recall the new star that announced the birth at Bethlehem? It was in its precise orbit long before it so shone. We are likewise placed in human orbits to illuminate. Divine correlation functions not only in the cosmos but on this planet, too."

The idea is simple, but very applicable at this time of year. We're always looking for grand, highly visible acts of service to do. You know what I mean: a huge quilting activity for war victims, sending food to starving people in Africa, and a canned food drive for the poor in the community. Don't get me wrong-these are all noble causes. But why does our service always have to be centered on people we don't even know-somebody outside of our sphere of influence?

The most meaningful acts of service are those that are performed within our own sphere of influence: our family, close friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Not only are we in a position to really sense what is needed, but we're in a position to make the biggest impact because of how close they are to us. Let's have faith in the orbit in which our Heavenly Father has placed us.


Ryan, Tamie, Tyran, and Baby