October 13, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, October 13, 2002

Fun Stuff

We got to see the new baby on Friday! So, the picture says it all:

It was so much fun. He was such a little cutie. We got to see his little toes (Ryan thinks the feet are the best part of the baby), his heart, and how he moved around in Tamie's tummy.

Then we topped off the day with a visit to our favorite restaurant, the Macaroni Grill. We've been planning that for awhile now since we have to save up to go there. If any of you have never had the experience which is their chocolate cake, it's worth a trip to the restaurant just to get the cake.

Because we couldn't think of a better way to announce it to the family, the "kool-aid toast" has now become a tradition for announcing the gender of the baby. We have a container of blue kool-aid for those who guess it's a boy and a container of pink kool-aid for those who guess it's a girl. But only the blue had sugar in it. Then we all toast to the baby and drink and everybody knows at the same time what it is.

We actually didn't find out the gender at the ultrasound, but we had them write it down on a little card and put it in an envelope, like Juliet and Rob. We went to the temple later that day and opened it the celestial room. It was a beautiful day. However, for any of you who are thinking about doing it the say way, make sure you break the seal on the envelope before you get to the celestial room. Tearing it open when everything was silent turned out to be somewhat loud.

We hope you all had a great conference weekend. Some of our favorites were President Hinckley's Priesthood address "To the Men of the Priesthood," President Nelson's "Blessed Are the Peacemakers," and Elder F. Melvin Hammond's "Dad, Are You Awake?" We came from conference with a renewed desire for improvement in our family prayer, family scripture study and family home evening. We're committed to do better.


It looks like we managed to offend a lot of you with our announcement that we want to be a priest and a pregnant nun for Halloween this year. Well, we we're not going to do that anymore, so please accept our apologies. We truthfully didn't mean anything in mockery to Catholicism-we just were looking for cute things a pregnant couple could be, and thought that would be fun. Our thinking was completely apart from the context of the recent events surrounding the scandals. But all things considering, we'll find something else to be.

Matt has been transferred to a city in the bottom part of Taiwan. He's been called to be a zone leader. Congratulations, Matt!

We thought it was great when Chris called us the other day to let us know that he passed his Computer Science test. It's a tough test. The rules are simple: you have three hours to code a given problem. If you can't get your program to work after three hours, you fail. High pressure, but he did it!

Well, we're off to Snowbird for tonight and tomorrow morning. Until next time!


Ryan, Tamie, Tyran and baby boy.