July 7, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, July 7, 2002

Fun Stuff

Bear Lake this year was excellent-it was incredible! Not only was the setting stunning, the water as clear as crystal, but we had glass from 9 a.m. to about 2 p.m. You couldn't ask for better ski conditions. Absolutely beautiful.

Rob (Juliet's husband) got the chance to take the boat out without Dennis (Tamie's dad) there, and his performance was flawless. That's exciting because it raises the possibility that the boat could be used even when Dad can't make it.

Well, anyway, there were a lot of new developments this year at Bear Lake. For example, little Daniel was able to jump the entire wake on the wakeboard. Robert got up on the wakeboard, as did Juliet (despite being pregnant). The new discoveries weren't limited to the water either. In fact, we think we've discovered a new favorite shake flavor. The blueberry shakes may even beat the famous raspberry shakes.

We've started reading Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series (i.e. The Black Cauldron). They're really good! Just in case you've seen the Disney movie-the books are much, much better than the movie. We thought the movie was dumb.

Katie and Tucker went east last week to do the church history thing. They saw the newly reconstructed Nauvoo temple. We hope you all had the chance to attend the dedication along with the thousands of other souls on both sides of the veil. The dedication was incredible.


Jeremy (Ryan's cousin) and Melissa and their family are getting sealed in the temple on Tuesday the 16th of July. How exciting! We're so excited for them to receive the great blessings they've been working hard to obtain. They have a great family.

Matt (in Taiwan) just got called to be Senior Companion, District Leader, and Trainer in one fell swoop. He's kind of nervous about it, but we all know he'll do a great job. Congratulations, Matt!

Juliet and Rob got their ultrasound this month. They didn't find out the gender of the baby at the ultrasound itself, but they had the nurse put the gender in an envelope. Well, they just opened the envelope today, but we haven't heard what it is yet. That announcement will have to wait until next month.

Grandpa Heaton is still in and out the hospital every so often with heart problems. If you would remember him in your prayers this month, it would be appreciated.

Katie and Tucker are soon going to close the deal on the house we mentioned in the last letter. They'll be moving their stuff in soon after they get back from the trip. Congratulations!

Amber (Tamie's cousin) and Ryan (Amber's husband) are building a home in the little town of Dutch John. For those of you around Utah, you may recognize this town as the one that had to be evacuated for fear of the fire that threatened to burn it down. Luckily, there wasn't one house that was burned, and that ordeal seems to be over now. Of course, everything in the town apparently smells like smoke now, but it's better than losing the entire town.

Cindy (Tamie's cousin) is back from a great experience in China, and is now preparing for a mission to South Africa. She leaves in a couple of weeks. She's getting her endowments out of the Mt. Timpanogos temple on Tuesday. Congratulations, Cindy!

School has started. We're both taking a few classes this term. They're good classes, but we're kind of sad because school signals the close of summer. Ryan's taking a Computer Science research class (researching Web Services) and a Public Relations campaigns class. Tamie's classes include continued research on microcredit, grant writing, and a challenging Information Systems class that introduces her to some fairly heavy computer topics.

Ty follows us around the house sweeping when we sweep, vacuuming when we vacuum, laughing when we laugh, clapping when we clap--it is very cute and it is a good reminder of how important example is. His favorite word is "yes"-he always says it with a little excited laugh to it. He says it more like "desss" with the 's' emphasized.

Spiritual Lessons

"Honor thy father and thy mother" (Exodus 20: 12).

This (the 5th) commandment has always been a tough one to swallow when your parents pull it out on you to get you to do something you don't want to do. But this commandment has come to mean even more to us now as parents. Indeed, may we be so bold as to assert that this commandment is made just as much for parents as it is for children?

The Lord here is certainly establishing the importance for children to honor their parents, but He's also giving a clear commandment to parents to be the kind of people that are able to be honored. Indeed, how can someone be honored if he or she is not honorable? It's impossible. It's like trying to teach someone who is unteachable, or to speak something that's unspeakable.

Being honorable involves more than simply setting an example. It involves establishing honorable rules and teaching honorable principles. It involves building a home where the Spirit can teach and inspire our children to reach their divine potential.

May we always remember what an honor it is to be entrusted with the responsibility to care for a precious child of our Heavenly Father. Indeed, what can be more honorable than to faithfully raise a child?


Tamie, Ryan, and Tyran