July 21, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, July 21, 2002

(For those of you who may be tempted to discard this newsletter, you may just want to jump down to the announcements section and read the first one. It's especially interesting.)

Fun Stuff

Lake Powell

Last week, we took the Lake Powell experience, and it was as sweet as it ever could be. As far as vacations are concerned, you really can't get much better than Powell. We went with Hal, Karynn, Chris, and Jenna down to Page, Arizona. Thanks to their generosity, we got a room at an air-conditioned hotel to which we could retire when the water was choppy and the sun was too high to handle. Ty (as well as his parents) were able to take a comfortable nap during the day, in between the ski runs. We went with the Doxeys, a wonderful family in our ward who let us leech off their boat. (For those of you who don't know, Mark Doxey was the one who flew Tamie down to St. George when Ryan proposed.)

Well, for those of you so deprived as to never have had the Powell experience, the best way to describe it is to try to imagine the splendor and majesty of the most beautiful red-rock cliffs, canyons, and arches of Southern Utah. Now, in your mind, surround those vistas with fresh water warmed to the comfortable temperature of a public pool. Now let the surface of the water settle to the texture of glass, reflecting the blue sky and the red landscape around it. Finally, add the thrill of cutting that glass at 40 mph on a slalom ski. I ask you: can life get any better? I think not.

Well, our luck could have conceivably been a little bit better. Jenna let herself fry the first day under the 108+ degree weather on the red-sand beach. Needless to say, she was... uncomfortable for the rest of the trip and left early. Hal was also unfortunate enough to take a nasty crash on the ski on his first trip out. He was effectively crippled for the rest of the trip, he damaged his muscles in his leg. Actually, damaged is kind of an understatement. For those of you who may want to see the damage, click here (beware, it's PG-13).

Temple Sealing

Saturday afternoon we made a holy memory at the Mount Timponogos temple. Ryan's cousin Jeremy, his wife Melissa and their four kids were sealed after eight years of marriage. As they knelt across the alter and the words were spoken "for time AND FOR ALL ETERNITY" there was an unspeakable Spirit of joy to be felt. The children then came in the room. The smallest boy was staring at the beautiful chandelier enchanted by the light throughout the ceremony. As the smallest little girl said "mommy" upon entering the room Tamie lost her composure. Needless to say, there were few dry eyes with a Spirit so penetrating. In a circle around the altar with their hands touching the family was sealed forever. How often we take this blessing for granted-our bonds cannot break with death. Our spouse and children will always be ours.

Mission Farewell

We felt this joy again today as Tamie's cousin Cyndi and her family spoke at her mission farewell. The words spoken about faith and commitment were magnified by all the love and memories we share as a righteous family committed to our faith. Uncle Jay was very sweet talking about doing sealing's in the temple last week and how kneeling across from his wife was almost more powerful now than it had been when they were first sealed and that she seemed even more beautiful than ever. We're also all also very happy to know what to do now if our eye ball pops out-just put it in, get a blessing and let it heal. Thanks for that Tyler.


We're pregnant!!

We are so excited and this baby will be due on Valentines Day 2003. Our first test was a false negative but four weeks later we got another one. Tamie was so nervous it would be negative again that she went outside and told Ryan to come tell her what it was. He came out looking very serious then let a big smile crack and said "congratulations." Tamie started bawling which got Ryan to be emotional as well-we have wanted another baby and fell so grateful for the blessing it is. We are so happy to be close enough to Juliet (sister) and Marcy (cousin) that our babies can be friends. Ty will have just turned 2 when it comes. Tamie is definitely feeling pregnant but has only thrown up once compared to the daily occurrences last time.

Tamie was selected to receive the E. Lloyd and Dona Waters Peters (does anybody know them?) Marriott School Scholarship! Added to her half scholarship from the MPA program, the additional $1000 should cover the rest of Tamie's tuition until she graduates. What a great blessing. Sometimes we never get what we want until we're willing to give it up for the Lord (see "spiritual lessons" below).

Ty's getting his molars. It makes him hard to deal with sometimes, but can you really blame him?

Jenna (Ryan's sister) won first place in her doubles tennis match for fiesta days. She's well on her way to reaching her goal of being able to beat Matt when he gets home from his mission! Right, Matt?

Kristine (Tamie's foster sister) and Alex have bought a new house that we're all anxious to see. They are happy to report the roses are blooming without any care of their own-it must be a good sign.

Ty does a fairly accurate job of pointing to various body parts on demand, such as head, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, belly button, foot, and hand. Sometimes, though, he pokes himself in the eye when pointing to it, and he misses his belly button pointing to his chest or somewhere else. It's a hard thing to find!

Tamie took Ty to feed the ducks the other day. He didn't quite understand, though, that the bread was for the ducks, because he'd just eat it himself!

Spiritual Lessons

"He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him." -John 7:18

In High School, Tamie was devastated when she wasn't awarded a scholarship. She's always worked so hard in school, and always had thought that her hard would result in scholarships that would be a mark of her success and recognition. There was another $1000 scholarship in High School that she though she would get. And when another girl-more financially needy-was awarded this scholarship, Tamie was devastated because her own glory was snatched away.

Her realization was that she had done some things for the wrong reasons. It's taken her a few more years to learn the inherent value of education. It's not about grades, it's about what we can apply to our lives. Having to leave a baby to go to school has forced her to take every class very seriously. When she took 20 credits last semester, she knew all she could do was her best to get the most out of it, and the grades didn't matter. One 4.0 later, she realized that not caring about the grade, but caring about the learning paid off.

Surprisingly, she doesn't even care about the 4.0, but she's very grateful for this scholarship. This $1000 means much more to her now than the last one ever could have.

Ryan had another similar experience on his mission. He wanted to become the Assistant to the President. It's embarrassing to admit it now, and he would never admit it to himself all the way up to the point when the availability for the calling came. He was already done with much of his mission, he was scheduled for a transfer, and he knew that another opening wouldn't come until it was too close to the end of his mission.

When another missionary was called to fill the position, it finally tore down the wall of Ryan's self-denial. He was, using scriptural terms, brought to the dust in humility. And finally, after carrying that burden for most of his mission, left his desire to become AP and sincerely told the Lord "Thy will be done."

Just a few days after this wrestle with the Lord, an unexpected call from the Mission President came. It turned out there was a need for another AP in the office, and President called him to fill the position. But it happened only after Ryan gave it up.

The Lord has a marvelous way of teaching us when we're willing to patiently endure on His timetable. And it's okay to want good things if we want them for the right reasons, recognizing that the process (and not the outcome) is the most important part.

We love you all. Keep up the good work.


Ryan, Tamie, and Tyran