May 5, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, May 5, 2002

Fun Stuff


We took our second camping trip this summer on Friday. We went up Hobble Creek Canyon to Jolly's Ranch. Although still a bit cold we just gathered around the fire and talked for hours. Juliet and Rob came with us-everyone should try to convince them to spend more time with you because they are SO MUCH FUN. They brought tin foil dinners (hamburger, onions, carrots and potatoes) and we did a Dutch oven apple cobbler dessert. Oh-why is it camping food tastes SO good? Is it because you wait so long and work so hard for it or is it just really good stuff? Ju and Rob missed the "Philadelphia Surprise" in the morning because they went home after dinner. Philadelphia Surprise is one of our camping favorites: potatoes, onions, eggs, bacon and cheese.

Ty just went crazy with delight being out there. He ran around making us nervous because of all the rocks and uneven footing but he just giggled and wanted to go everywhere (including into the fire pit and freezing river). Of course we kept him safe and he went to bed soon after our arrival. He cried when we left him in the tent to sleep which made us kind of sad. In the morning when we went to take down the tent he started crying really traumatically because he thought we were going to put him in it and leave him for a nap. Poor little guy. We hope we didn't give him a lifetime fear of tents.

Being Home

It has been so much fun for us to be home more with Tyran and with each other since school got out. Tamie is home all day and Ryan only has work now-no school for at least a couple more months. We love going on walks, bike rides, errands, visiting Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunt's and Uncle's, doing sidewalk chalk, playing with toys, sweeping, vacuuming and playing around the house. Tamie is learning how to stay home all day but is finding that she often runs out of ideas for things to do with Ty-there are no little kids around so it takes a lot of effort to get any kind of play group together. Does anyone have any good idea for fun, at-home activities?


We would like to officially welcome the boat back to the Hall family. It was initiated onto Utah Lake Saturday where most of the family was able to feel the wind in our hair, watch the sparkling water, dance to oldies, and tell those who actually got in to ski that they were crazy. The water literally took your breath away. How fun to have the boat back! Ty is old enough now that he just loved watching the skiers and wouldn't take his eyes off of them. He definitely stole the show (as always) with his cute dancing (bouncing and swinging his arms) to "Wild Thing," "Grease Lighting," "Hey Mickey," "American Pie," and so on. Even when lying on Mommy's lap because he was so tired he gave a little token bounce to the music every so often. It was just too much fun!



Tamie, with deep gratitude and some shock is pleased to announce that even with 20 credits and being a Mom and wife she pulled a 4.0 this semester. It's fascinating because with a baby the grades have come to mean less thane ever before. She feels like if she's going to leave Ty then she better use her time well and really learn. I think the result of not caring so much about the grades is what gave her the first 4.0 in a very long time. It's kind of ironic.

Ryan also got excellent grades considering the load he carried this semester. He took three computer science classes at once which-realizing too late into the semester to do anything about-was pretty much crazy. He spent hours coding and still often felt buried in the amount of work due. We know he really gave school his best and still demonstrated a beautiful balancing act as a father, husband and employee.

Tyran received an A+ for cuteness this last week. He is babbling more all the time and we can even understand a few words. We think we've made out "what's this," "stars," "dada" (although he knows what a telephone is, he refuses to call it anything but "dada"). We're not sure what else we can really claim he's said but the words will become clearer pretty soon.

We mentioned in our last letter that Ty loved carrying the curling iron around. I suppose that should have been a red flag. Last week he found the curling iron, plugged it in, turned it on (who would have guessed?), and stepped on it. The blister covered half of his foot. He had to have the blister cut off, dressed and wrapped. He was hurting so much and Tamie just held him and cried with him. She felt so bad. It was truly an experience reminding us how connected and how much love we have for this precious little guy. It's been wrapped for almost two weeks now and is almost healed. He had a pretty cute little limp at first.

Spiritual Lessons

I (Tamie) am finally completely done nursing and faced my first full fast Sunday this week in over two years. I've been scared to go the full 24 hours again because of how much I struggle with letting my hunger get the better of me. I so often tend to lose the Spirit and become a bit grumpy. I feel so guilty realizing how little control I have. It is so little to sacrifice-so little that God asks to just not eat for one day. I don't like how often I lose control to my body. The scriptures tell us to "rejoice in fasting" and I've thought and prayed this could happen. I'm happy to report that today went wonderfully! I felt an outpouring of the Spirit unlike any I've had in a long time. I know it was an answer to prayers and a reminder that God really does reward even the smallest sacrifices. I can honestly say that not only do I look forward to the next fast but I look forward to coupling fasting with pray more often now.

We just love Nephi! Reading his account of leaving Jerusalem and traveling in the wilderness has inspired us in so many ways this week. He murmured so little because of his faith. Think about it-everything that he "had" to do he saw as a commandment of the Lord, and he obeyed without hesitation.

Consider Lucy Mack Smith. Here's what Susan Easton Black shared about her in the March 2002 Ensign:

"Lucy Mack Smith was also well acquainted with sorrow. Some particularly difficult experiences for her were the loss of a family farm in New York, the imprisonment of her husband and children, the death of her husband in 1840, the murder of two sons in 1844, and the death of her son Samuel 32 days later from complications arising from being chased on horseback by a mob. Of her six sons who lived to maturity, five had died by 1845.

"Of her grief's, she said, 'I often wonder to hear brethren and sisters murmur at the trifling inconveniences which they have to encounter...and I think to myself, salvation is worth as much now as it was in the beginning of the work. But I find that all would like to purchase it, but few the price will pay."

Well, we've found ourselves too often murmuring about the "trifling inconveniences" that accompany God's commandments to us. Nephi talks often about how "the Lord commanded" him to do this or that, and we believe that it doesn't take a vision or voice from heaven for the Lord to command us. Indeed, the Spirit directs us in much more subtle ways. Some of the things that we've been "commanded to do" include putting more effort into special family activities (like camping or whatever we like to do together), supporting the accomplishments of friends and loved ones (like wedding receptions, birthdays, graduation), forsaking damaging worldly influences (like certain media), and generally looking for ways to build the Lord's kingdom.

Well, this week, we came to see how many times we have missed an opportunity to do something nice for our loved ones because of reasons like "we're too tired," or "we've got too much school," or "it's too much of a bother to get up off our rear ends and attend this wedding reception" or simply because it's easier to watch T.V. Now if that's not murmuring, we don't know what is. And we've committed ourselves to do better at not murmuring at the "trifling inconveniences" that keep us from being as faithful as Nephi in keeping the commandments of the Lord.


  • So we arrived late (how else?) to ward temple night Thursday. We were asked to do sealings, and since we had already missed our session, why not? As Tamie was leaving the locker room she remembered that we had three family names needing sealings done. She kept going sure that she had left them home but felt impressed to check anyway. Tehy were crammed in the bottome of her temple bag and had been there probably over two years. we were able to seal Fred Almon Billings and Leone Irene Burlingame to each other as well as each of them to their parents. The Spirit of the sealing power as well as the bond of family was beautiful. We don't know very much about these people--can anyone tell us more about them?

  • Everyone local should try the chocolate dessert at Carrabbas-the new italian restaurant in Orem. Brownie, homemade chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, the works. We felt it going down and cherished every bite. Amazing!

Well, guys. There you go.

Until next time!


Tamie, Ryan, and Tyran