May 26, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, May 26, 2002

Fun Stuff

Camping has been great this year. Our last outing to Hope campground in Provo Canyon, however, leaves us with a story to tell. We set up camp and watched the mountain turn into beautiful pink and yellow colors as the sun set. Ty cried when we got the tent out-we were amazed that he remembered being left in there at bedtime from last time. We ate salmon, potato and carrot tinfoil dinners. It was topped off, of course, with a sensational Dutch oven apple cobbler. Ty liked throwing the little pebbles. He would hold his hand high above his head then kind of cock his head and lift his eyebrows in anticipation of the throw, with a little stall he would then throw it. It is just so fun to see his expressions and realize that we must do that with him a lot-the little look of anticipation before we tickle him or do surprise him or play peek-a-boo.

As it got later and darker he calmed down and cuddled with Tamie to watch the fire that Ryan marvelously, with Eagle Scout skills (a little plug for Robert and Daniel), kept blazing. Usually Ty goes to sleep on his own but we made an exception (much to Tamie's delight) and let him fall asleep on her so we didn't increase his tent trauma by leaving him in there alone. It was a Monday night so we couldn't see any other campers around. We just sat in a silence that enhanced every crack of the fire, chirp of the crickets, breeze through the trees, chirp of the birds, and rustle in the brush. That peace is always worth the effort of getting there. We went to bed on our luxurious $30 Costco inflatable mattress. We awoke about an hour later to hear Ty gagging. I hurried to pick him up and he vomitted in my hand. We used wipes to clean what we could and decided that hopefully he got it all out and tried to go back to sleep. After two more times of throwing up we decided it would be best to pack up and go home. We arrived around 1:00 a.m. and put Ty in his own bed. He did better the rest of the night. Needless to say we're more careful about camping now. We were going to go for Memorial weekend but want to wait till we're all feeling much better (a little cold or something is going around).

Boating, Biking, Walking, Jogging, going to the park, swinging, and sliding all fill our summer days. The pool should open soon and we can add swimming to the list. What a life! The sunsets are beautiful and we can see the city lights from our bed. Sometimes we feel like our life would be a movie-all we're missing is background music. Other times Tamie wonders why the time is moving so slow. She still struggles to know what to do with Ty all the time. She has plenty of personal projects but wants to be doing good things with Ty. You can only walk for so many hours before it gets old.

We're anxious to have another baby but try to remind ourselves how precious this time is where Tamie is feeling so healthy and energetic. Pregnancy will be a challenge but as we watch Ty grow it only increases our love of parenthood and our desire to expand this little family.

We finished a great book called Beauty by Robin McKinley. It's a little more on the romantic side but not so much that Ryan didn't like it. It's the Beauty and the Beast story told in a way that really brings you into the world as if it is real. Highly recommended. The Beast is great-much better than the Disney one.

We're big Star Wars fans. We love it! If you haven't seen Attack of the Clones, make sure you pick up your tickets. We're already excited about the next movie coming out. Sure, another three years, but worth the wait, right? And while we're on the subject of popular culture, you all may be interested to know that J.K. Rowlings is having a harder time with her next book-it's getting more involved than she expected. So, the only date they're guaranteeing is next June (that's a year late!). But we're secretly hoping for around December.


Ty almost climbed all the way on top of the table today. He went from the stool to the chair and I caught him there. I'll make a little list of his current tricks:

  • Sign language for light, more, drink, puppy, nose, eyes, and ears.

  • A pretty clear verbal "no", "uh-oh", "this", "that," "ba-dat (binky)" along with a lot of babbling that we discern as words every so often.

  • He has a couple favorite little spots. One is behind the TV and speakers and the other is stepping up and down from the fireplace. He also likes to take his lawnmower on the fireplace (it's so much louder on the brick than the carpet).

  • He has some navy shorts that are a bit long on him that his little legs appear out of. Along with his tummy poking out and his arms swinging his little waddle is just the best.

  • He still loves to dance and sway when he hears any kind of music.

  • He waves bye-bye with his whole arm from the elbow up-kind of like a waxing motion. We wave goodbye to Daddy in the morning and sometime we wave to all the cars going by outside as well.

Daniel was asked to be a karate group leader-a great honor. They both advanced in belt colors at the Kyu test. Robert begins black belt training in another week. Tamie doesn't think she wants to try to take him on anymore. With both karate and wrestling training he's going to whoop anyone. Except the brother-in-laws, that is--Ryan will still take him on.

Tucker got up on the wakeboard his first day trying!

Juliet finally has a little pooch to show for her pregnancy.

Jenna finished all her school work of her sophomore year. She remembers that she's done every once in a while and bursts out in exclamations of joy.

Karynn finished all the changes in visiting teaching assignments and in the mean time learned a great deal more than she may have liked to about some ward personalities. Hal finished a week of consulting in Florida in his long line of trips this last little while.


Katie and Tucker got their full time seminary assignment to East Salt Lake. We're happy they won't be too far away.

Tamie got called to be a Beehive assistant advisor and is very excited about loving and teaching these great girls. They came over Wednesday for around-the-world ping pong, two truths and a lie, the hand slap game, trampoline games then delicious Dutch oven cobbler (we really love that stuff). She's teaching a lesson about Heritage next week. Does anyone have any great family traditions she could tell about?

Ryan is hot.

Ryan continues to spend more time getting the newsletter ready to send than it takes me to write it although he swears that it's going to be "so easy" every single time. I think he's pretty funny and pretty cute.

We love you all!


Ryan and Tamie