April 21, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, April 21, 2002

I believe our last newsletter (that didn't even get sent out) was talking about how Katie was dating this new guy Tucker. That tells you how long it's been! This semester has really been way too busy. We're committed to never let our lives get so out of balance again.

Fun Stuff

Today was our last day in the 152nd ward until a new group of kids coming in the Fall. It has been incredible to see how much these ward members have changed in one year. They are leaving with such stronger testimonies and much more confidence. The guys are excited to serve their missions but really have no idea what's ahead of them. Everyone tells you these few years of college are so precious but it really is true. You're building experiences; strengthening relationships, gaining knowledge and nourishing a testimony that will all make up the foundation for you're the rest of your life.

Katie and Tucker's wedding was beautiful two weeks ago. I personally loved how many plugs the sealer put in for their future children. We would love lots more cousins for little Ty. Fortunately for them, Juliet and Rob are working on that (especially Juliet) so they can be off the hook for a little while. We are so thrilled Juliet and Rob are bringing another baby here-around October I believe.

Anyway, we are so happy for both Tamie's sisters.

Tucker serenaded Katie with "believe it or not I'm walking on air" at the reception with his seminary buddies. They all had matching ties and even full choreography. It was very cool and Tamie couldn't get the song out of her head for days. Also-we found out the reason Tucker is so great. His family! We got to know his sisters and their families pretty well and had such a great time taking them to Grandpa's backyard. We hope they'll be willing to hang around us more (Tuckers family and Tucker and Katie) because we just love to be around them.

Ty is looking like a proper little boy now that's he's accumulating more scrapes and bruises. Poor thing has been too neglected by his parents this last week of school and finals. Summer will be full of fun though. He loves being outside. We're planning on Disneyland, Sea World, swimming lessons, hanging out at the park and the pool, Thanksgiving Point and hopefully a lot of weekend camping trips. What a life!


So-this is kind of old news but it was pretty big news when it happened. I finally cut my hair for the first time in my life. It took a lot of thinking about, getting Ryan's approval and then finally I wasn't able to put it up one night. It was getting to be too heavy and I just put it up all the time anyway. Well-here's the before and after pictures. I was freaking out all day but it sure made for an exciting day. Someone with cancer will get my silky brown 11 inches. Kind of a fun memory.

One of Tamie's favorite things that Ty does is that every once an awhile while he's playing he'll hurry over to give her a hug then go back to what he was doing. Also-if he ever gets scared or thinks mom is hurt he'll run over to be picked up and cuddle. Tamie was getting frustrated the other day that he wanted to hold my hand everywhere he went. I stopped and realized that I should really cherish the time he wants to hold my hand because before I know it these times will be gone. I just need to pause and really look at him as often as possible. What a beautiful boy! Some other things he likes to do:

  • Unload Daddy's wallet handing all the credit cards and money to mom (Tamie likes to encourage this habit)

  • He loves putting lids on buckets, pens, markers, make-up, thermometer-anything he can get his hands on he likes to figure out how it works.

  • He's still fascinated with things that plug in and will drag the curling iron or blow dryer all around the house with him.

  • He LOVES tic tac's and cries for them whenever we get in the car. He gives his little excited giggle to get one then he chomps on it with his mouth wide open.

Ty also really loves both of his Grandmas. They have spent a lot of time with his this year while Tamie's been finishing school, much to our appreciation. We love how close and comfortable he is with them. There really is something so loving and special about Grandparents. Maybe you could define Grandparent as "professional parent" because they've already done it all.

In fact, Grandma Heaton sacrificed herself when she tripped with Ty on the cement the other day. She managed to get her head between Ty and the cement, and ended up in the emergency room. It wasn't very pretty.


Hal is being set apart as a BYU freshman ward bishop today. He and Karynn are going to be so wonderful down there.

No one should let Saturday, April 27th pass without remembering how special it is for so many people:

  • Hal and Karynn are going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

  • Juliet and Rob are going to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.

  • Katie is celebrating her 22nd birthday.