February 17, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, February 17, 2002

Fun Stuff

Tamie had a HUGE accomplishment yesterday. She finally cut her hair for the first time in her entire life. The decision has been coming slowly for awhile. She was finally was just too sick of her hair being heavy and wanted to prove she could handle the change. On top of that she could have consolation by donating 10 inches to cancer patients. She was freaking out all day before we went it. She ended up loving it though and was glad she finally did it.

Las Vegas

Two weeks ago we went to Las Vegas temple to go through with Great Grandma Hansen for her first time ever. What an incredible experience to be in the celestial room with so many family members-on both sides of the veil.

Saint George

That same weekend we were also able to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hall for a whole morning asking questions about their families.

I loved the story Grandpa told about visiting his own Grandpa. What I love about it is that is shows a personality trait that can be seen in us sometimes. It's fun to think about it being a generational thing. Anyway, Grandpa (Bob) still remembers his first drive into town with his Grandpa. His Grandpa ran right through a red light. Bob panicked, pointing at the light and telling his Grandpa that it was red. Soon thereafter one of the horse cops was blowing his whistle for them to stop. Grandpa looked straight forward as if he was totally oblivious. "Grandpa-they're blowing their whistle at you" Bob said. Grandpa's nonchalant response as he continued to drive was "I ain't no damn dog!" They then made it to the office building where Grandpa proceeded to park on the red curb. Again, Bob pointed it out thinking he hadn't noticed. Grandpa just said he knew the cop on that corner and he would never dare give him a ticket. Apparently, Grandpa just did what he wanted sometimes.

One of the best parts about talking with grandma and grandpa Hall is watching them interact with each other to make sure the story gets told right. It's also touching to watch them remember good times and see grandpa pause every so often choking back tears. What wonderful people-they have so much to teach us from their lives.

The Suburban

We all rode in mom and dads new suburban. Robert was nice enough to come along just to watch Ty while we were in the temple-what a cool brother! It was so cool to just talk with mom and dad-they are also very wise people who we continue to learn a great deal from. I realize more all the time how much my values reflect their own. Two particular values I can think of are the commitment to community service and certain methods of child rearing. Sometimes I do something as a mom that I think is instinct just to find out later that it's exactly what my mom did. Maybe I could attribute it to instinct for both of us except that other people do things differently than us.

Anyway, We will never forget the many reminders that weekend of the reality of families being bound in love and sealed forever.


Tyran has a whole list of accomplishments this last month. One night a few weeks ago he went to bed as a baby then woke up the next day as a toddler. He's walking everywhere and giving the word "mess" a whole new meaning. We've seen all kinds of things spread across the kitchen floor: sugar, oil, cheerios, marker and cream of wheat most recently. Now, for those of you who haven't had kids you may be thinking that we're very neglectful parents to leave our child alone long enough to do such things. Those of you with children are laughing because you know that it can happen faster than you would ever think. Most of the time my back is simply turned. I suppose I could try harder to prevent it but it is usually pretty cute. He just has so many textures, tastes and things to explore. What a blast!

Besides his big messes Tyran also has made a list of "daily chores" for himself. He just feels like it's his duty to do some things every day:

  1. Pull everything off the table under the phone (including the other phone, the answering machine, letters, and pencil box)

  2. Pull everything out of the bottom drawer in the bathroom and put it in the garbage.

  3. Sit in the sink while mom gets ready and pull everything into the sink with me.

  4. Empty the kitchen drawer contents onto the floor.

He also loves pushing anything-especially the vacuum and broom. Let's hope to keep this love instilled in him!

Warning: Skip this part of you don't like too much information.

Ty has also accomplished having stinkier poopies than ever. He's down to only nursing about once a day-sometimes not at all. All the extra real food has taken its toll on the diaper pale. The Heaton's tried to tactfully tell us yesterday that the smell was floating upstairs pretty strongly. We decided to get a heavier duty one yesterday to make everyone's life a little more pleasant.

Ryan and I feel like we've accomplished almost nothing because we've been spread so thin. In fact, I had a little bit of a break down a couple days ago. I tell you this not for pity (I've done it to myself) but because both Tyran and Ryan were so sweet. Tyran wouldn't go to anyone but me. He just laid his head on my shoulder for the longest time. When Ryan would come join the hug, Tyran would push him away. He wanted all the credit for making me feel better! I love my "boys" so much.

We love you all!


Ryan and Tamie and Tyran

February 3, 2002

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, February 3, 2002

Fun Stuff

January 9 Tyran James Heaton turned officially 1-year-old. Everyone met here for the celebration. Ty sat in his little high chair and we put a beautiful cake with frosting blocks and little sugar animals (Grandma Heaton had it made for him) in front of him all to himself. Everyone was standing around him holding their cameras up ready to shoot-so he knew something was a little different. He loved the cake-once we stuffed his hand in for him. He got a lot of fun toys and mostly a lot of love.

Two weekends ago we went to Saint George for Grandma and Grandpa Halls' 60th anniversary. Mom had a video of their life made. Juliet and Rob dressed up in 40's clothes (Rob in a uniform) and sang and danced to "Don't sit under the apple tree." They also sang a song about Grandma and Grandpa's life that Mom wrote. We were lucky to have Tucker's talents there to improvise an arrangement. It was so cool to just hang out with family and remember what awesome grandparents we have. All the Grandkids shared a memory. Let's see if I can remember them:

  • Juliet: Grandpa cried to see her in pain when he came to help her in the hospital. She had her wisdom teeth then appendix out the same week.

  • Marcy: After announcing she was the favorite Grandchild she remembers Grandpa being in charge of pulling out teeth. Somehow he did it so it wouldn't hurt.

  • Tamie: I remembered how thoughtful they are by never missing a birthday, planting purple pansies around the bird bath in their front yard for Juliet's wedding (purple is Juliet's favorite color), always having bananas when I visit (I LOVE bananas), helping fix stuff whenever they visit and Grandma keeping Grandpa in line when they would baby-sit. I also remember Grandpa's magic quarter that you could rub on your warts and they'd disappear.

  • Carrie: Grandma taught her how to make pies and now the duty has been passed on to her in her own family. The pies are really good too!

  • Katie: She also testified that the wart quarter works! She loved getting to know them better as she would spend family home evenings with them while she was at Dixie. She could relax, talk, eat then take leftovers home. It meant a great deal to her to feel so loved.

  • Robert: He remembers that Grandma used to sing Horsey keep your tail up. He also said that Grandpa was so cool because when he came to the beach with us he got on and tried the jet skis. Not many Grandpas would be so wild and fun.

  • Daniel: When you're not looking Grandpa will pretend to crack an egg on your head. The baby bath smell (Baby Magic) reminds him of Grandma.


Ty manages to gain more personality all the time-he's got the "no" head shake down very well and we think he says thank you-- "da do" inflected as if he were saying it. He's more sturdy on his feet but still not brave enough to let go and walk. Actually, he did take his first step and Kindermusik this week. It was at the very end. He had pulled himself up by the wall then took about five steps toward us. We weren't even talking to him he just decided to pick up and walk. Luckily Daddy was with us and we both got to see. He continues to take a few steps here and there. The messes continue to get bigger (he can reach higher drawers to unload). We can tell life will only get more exciting each day!

Both Hal and Ryan managed to fight off a nasty flu. Fever, chills, cough, sinuses, fatigue-the whole bit. It knocked them both down for almost a week.

After making about 60 phone calls Tamie managed to pull off a successful focus group for the Hogle Zoo on Friday. Ty and Ryan came along to see the armadillo and big turtle that was there to entertain the kids while Tamie talked to the adults.

Juliet and Rob agreed to take the 9th East McDonald's for a year. They get to do what they want with it then keep whatever profits it will make. They are both so good with people-everyone seems to love them. They have the ability to really change hearts and lives. We know they'll do a great job! They also decided to go the family ward instead of the student ward. They've been called to teach in the primary. Those are some lucky kids who have teachers that can make anything fun, dramatic and interesting.

Chris moved into the Elms and back into the college scene. He seems busy doing fun stuff but we miss him here and are happy when he visits.

Karynn was called as Relief Society President. That's not a job for just anyone! Congratulations and condolences-you'll be wonderful.

Hal received another prestigious teaching award. This one is from the Marriott School only given to one faculty member each year. Wow! He'll be speaking at a nice dinner in a few weeks.

Welcoming the Olympics

Our excitement about the Olympics is twofold:

  1. A week off of school with four days of it spent in Belize!

  2. The world will be here! Tamie's volunteering this Tuesday in welcoming the torch to Provo and we'll all get to go to Women's ice hokey with the Halls. Ryan also gets to go the Luge and Tamie regrettably is missing ice skating while she's in Belize.

We'll let you know how it goes. This should be pretty incredible.

Spiritual Lessons

Katie gave a talk in church three weeks ago about her personal relationship with the Savior. The Spirit was incredible. We sang "I believe in Christ" after her talk and as I thought about her testimony it reminded me of my own. We all left so edified. One thought she gave that I'd like to pass on is this; that the level of sincerity we show in our prayers will be reflected in the amount of sincerity we show to those around us. Think about it. I love that! Thanks Katie.

With Ryan so sick this week we have both been reminded of how fragile we are. Speaking of the Lord's hand in our lives, Job reminds us that "In (his) hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind." It is so arrogant for us to think that our lives, education, money and possessions belong to us. As Paul teaches in 1 Cor. 6:20 "for ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Christ, gratefully, purchased us and owns us because of his atonement. It was helpful to pause this week and remember that God gives us our very breath and he expects every breath to be used to further his will.

We love you all. Enjoy February and the excitement of the Olympics or whatever is happening exciting in your lives.


Ryan, Tamie & Tyran Heaton

P.S. Here are some pictures from Belize: